Antioxidant with tea!

2015/11/21 - Gaëlle

The perfect source of antioxidants is in your tea bag!

With all the research done on the benefits of antioxidants, this little boost of vitality is something you will not want to miss! In the most extreme cases, it helps fight cancer, heart problems and diabetes. In everyday life, it is the aging of the cells and the cholesterol that it fights.
But did you know that your cup of tea contains ten times more antioxidants than your portion of various fruits? Not bad is not it? If we consider in addition that your infusion contains neither calorie nor sugar (unless you soften, which is allowed, of course, but not necessary), it is easy to deduce that to stock up on antioxidants, tea is the source to turn to.

Antioxidants are pumped as miracle vitamins, but how do they work?

Okay, the antioxidant works against the oxidants, the name says it, and the ads and health articles repeat to you that it's a great thing for your body. Even if you do not understand the complex mechanisms of your diet, you are still able to understand that cholesterol = bad and that antioxidants = beneficial.
However, let's investigate the subject a bit.

Everything starts in an oxygen atom that separates into radicals. Free radicals are a very reactive and unstable species - they only have one electron and, if you remember your chemistry classes, electrons like to associate to form nice couples. In order to find their missing electron, the radicals begin to attack the other cells to "steal" this allusive electron. Do you remember the melodramas of your favorite TV series? As the TV romance destroys the couples, the oxidants destroy your cells, your DNA - they also oxidize your fat cells. Nothing too pretty.

Antioxidants help stabilize these pest radicals by giving them an electron. As a result, your cells have the free field to regenerate and, without oxidation, your body stays healthy and young longer!

Dans le thé

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