Gift ideas for Mother's Day

2019/05/07 - Gaëlle


Mother's Day, we're almost there! Are you starting from people who never have gift ideas for your mom? Do not panic, even if we all want to spoil our moms we are very numerous in this case! For this we have prepared a small list of gifts to please your moms!

Offer a subscription of Tea T∙Surprise! H2> What if you offer a gift that lasts? Mother's Day should be celebrated every month, do not you think? So we offer THE perfect gift, finished noodle necklaces, this year be original bet on tea! T∙Surprise offers you to subscribe to our tea boxes! Starting at $ 25 per month for a monthly subscription, $ 75 for 3 months, $ 125 for 6 months or $ 250 for 12 months! A gift that extends to the year and moreover filled with surprise you will enjoy for sure! To offer a subscription it's by [here]( You will also find something to offer your mom on our online store which is full of delicious tea but also previous boxes that have been your favorites! To visit the shop, appointment [here](

A little sweetness and delicacy for your moms h2>   In the same principle as the T∙Surprise tins, offer a subscription for a candy box! Who has not dreamed of receiving every month a box full of sweet sweetness? The candy box offers 3 types of subscriptions: - 3 months for 75 $ - 6 months for $ 144 - month for $ 270 Each box contains 1kg of candies and delivery is free in Quebec! In addition, at the candy box everything is customizable! Visit [site]( and contact them quickly for more information!

Relax and rest, a real gift for your moms! H2> Our moms do everything, they think about everything and manage thousands of things at once! It is rare for a mother to rest her brain even for a few hours! And if you helped him? For Mother's Day, treat yourself to a day at the spa! In Quebec, the SPAs are not lacking, there is certainly one very close to you! If you are in the corner of Rawdon, (Quebec) the SPA La Source Nordic Baths offers different packages perfect for a relaxing time! Body, facial, massage therapy 60 or 90 minutes you can choose the gift package that will please you the most! Visit the [site]( to learn more

Jewelry for your mom! H2> Always in the theme of subscriptions and once again Made in Québec, L'Horloger - The Jewelry Box offers you subscriptions to jewelery boxes! Is not it a perfect gift? It is always a pleasure to receive beautiful jewels, and with the summer season that is set up, we still want to wear some! The concept and types of subscriptions: Description of the gift idea The Classic: The Classic is the elegant and active woman. - 1 Month Subscription - $ 24.99 - 3 month subscription - $ 23.99 x 3 - 6 months subscription - $ 22.99 x 6 - 12 months subscription - $ 21.99 x 12 La Québécoise: The Québécoise is cultivated and engaged by the knowledge of her province. - 1 Month Subscription - $ 52.99 - 3 Months Subscription - $ 49.99 x 3 - Subscription 6 months - $ 47.99 x 6 - 12 months subscription - $ 45.99 x 12 The Casual: The Casual is the woman who likes to dare. Bohemian, comfortable and free, this modern woman inspires beauty and well-being. - 1 Month Subscription - $ 24.99 - 3 month subscription - $ 23.99 x 3 - 6 months subscription - $ 22.99 x 6 - 12 months subscription - $ 21.99 x 12 Visit [site]( to choose the subscription of your choice!

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