Kombucha, a drink with unsuspected virtues

2016/08/05 - Gaëlle

Quenching and very nutritious, Kombucha is a drink that is experiencing a real success in teas. It is a drink consumed for millennia in China, but is gradually becoming known in France. It is said that she appeared in Europe through, notably in Russia through Mongolia. Kombucha tea Rooibos is also called Manchuria mushroom, it is derived from the association between Acetobacter and Pichia bacteria and yeasts that are then grown in black tea. It is then attributed to him several benefits from where the object of this ticket.
The therapeutic benefits of Kombucha

Some people believe that eating Kombucha would help cure almost all diseases, including cancer. Anyway, it is important to seek the advice of your doctor.
However, most studies reveal that the components of this drink would help strengthen the immune system through the regeneration of intestinal flora. Also, Kombucha would help to detoxify cells and blood through its antibiotic effects. Consumed on a regular basis, Kombucha could prevent certain diseases, cure them or even reduce their symptoms. It is thus attributed fortifying properties and several healing virtues: diuretics, depurative and antimicrobial. Consumption of Kombucha would be especially recommended to strengthen the natural defenses and balance the intestinal flora. It also improves the physiology of the skin and fight against edema, gout, constipation, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, migraine, etc. Better still, Kombucha would have no harmful side effects for the consumer.
However, people with diabetes should seek the advice of a doctor because the drink contains glucose. The diabetic must then take into account the consumption of Kombucha tea Rooibos in their daily sugar intake. Moreover, it is advisable not to drink more than one glass of Kombucha (about 100 ml) a day during the first week of consumption of the drink. Indeed, the rapid elimination of toxins can cause liver fatigue with its long-term consequences.
Can one prepare the Kombucha oneself?

Yes, but be aware that a bad fermentation can be dangerous. Indeed, the culture liquid can be contaminated by other microorganisms, thus making the consumption of Kombucha tea Rooibos is quite dangerous. As a result, several infections can be observed and are most often fatal. The best would then be to opt for the Kombucha sold in teas. Do not worry, because fermentation is an ancestral tradition in France and several products are surrounded (yogurt, bread, ham, sausage, etc.). The manufacture of this ancestral drink is controlled and you can consume it safely.

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