The different forms of tea

2015/10/08 - Gaëlle

Tea can be prepared in different ways depending on the form in which it is purchased. Some people still prefer loose tea, while others prefer tea in tea bags, especially because of the ease of use.

Loose tea

Bulk Tea

The advantage of loose tea, especially for connoisseurs in the field, is the quality of taste and aroma superior to that of tea bag. Also, the choice is much wider and varied: colors, country of origin, aromas ... you will find everything. You can also experiment with different flavors to obtain exquisite blends. For many, making tea in bulk is a real pleasure! However, you must be careful to know the method of preparation, the duration of infusion and the amount of leaves to add, otherwise the result will not be optimal. The duration of infusion, for example, depends directly on the size of the tea leaves. A good teapot with a filter, which can be integrated or separate, disposable or reusable, are essential to any tea preparation in bulk.

Tea in a bag

Tea in a bag

The easy and fast preparation make tea in sachet a favorite for everyday life. After bringing the water to a boil, all you have to do is infuse the sachet and throw it away. Unfortunately, and especially in the case of major brands, the aroma of tea is often added artificially, and the mixing of the leaves is not always as pure as that of loose tea. Always check the box for the description of the contents of the bag to avoid substandard teas. By comparison price / quantity, the tea bag is much more expensive, and you will be limited by the quantity purchased.

Tea in muslin sachet

The muslin tea is distinguished from tea in commercial bag by the wide mesh of the fabric used. This allows the water to seep better, and therefore a better infusion of tea leaves and of course an appreciation of the aroma and flavor close to that of loose tea. The tissue of the all-natural bag, the taste of tea leaves will not be mixed with the subtle changes resulting from the artificial products introduced into the creation of industrial bags. With the muslin sachets, you will taste the tea in bulk while having the ease of use of the tea bag.

Tea in bloom

Tea in bloom

There is also tea in bloom which is in itself a unique experience. Not only is this a new variation in terms of taste but it is a real pleasure to the eye. The flowers, edible, are individually chosen for their beauty. Then the flower, usually a lily, jasmine or carnation, is hand woven with white, black or green tea leaves. Once in the hot water, the petals begin to unfold and the flower will appear to hatch, hence its name in English "blooming tea". A real show! Above all, do not forget to use a glass or transparent teapot to avoid missing this unique scene every time!

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