The teas of the box "In the comfort of the routine"

2018/10/05 - Gaëlle

Discover the teas in the box of surprise under the theme "In the comfort of the routine". We took up our comforting little habits and reassured cycles of everyday life with our infusions of the month as so many happy rituals

The Green - Japanese Kagoshima of the Zyo

A green rendering that makes alert, that's exactly what we need. With its bright needle leaves grown in the gardens near the Sakurajima volcano in Japan, this tea with iodized and vegetal notes lets pierce the spikes of red fruits to the delight of our taste buds

Oolong Tea - Oolong Cream of Herbs House

Here is an amazing vegetable Oolong tea that combines hemp seeds with high quality tea to get one of the best antioxidants. Very creamy, its butter and natural cream flavors are followed by a long captivating finish to stretch the time between two appointments.

The Darjeeling - Valley of Cha Yi Teesta House

Date of the second harvest season from the Teesta Valley estate, which is comforting and invigorating, has charming aromas of muscat, baked apple, fresh grapes, aromatic herb, cane sugar and dried fruit. A delight harmonized with the routine!

Herbal Tea - Tea Four O'Clock Mint Chocolate

A retro-nostalgic mix of chocolate and fresh mint, this is a perfect combination to make your taste buds happy on the road to school and work. An infusion of cocoa, carob, chicory, peppermint and licorice that gives pep under the September sun. Without theine or caffeine.

Surprise gift - Mini notebook

A small notebook in convenient format that slips into the pocket or bag to the main question of not forgetting anything in the madness of everyday life!

Gourmandise - Choupette with fine chocolate and popcorn

Choupette Chocolat offers you a moment of pleasure to share without any guilt. With a cocoa content of 48%, a popcorn tablet contains a flakes of flowers and a fleur de sel for an exquisite sweet and savory taste experience!

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