T•Surprise, the surprise box of teas and infusions

2015/08/20 - Gaëlle

We are passionate about the Asian world, and e-commerce. We have two other e-commerce sites Joli Bento and Les Bonbecs.

So we decided to embark on the boxing adventure in Canada. Thus, we combined our passions for tea and the internet, which gave birth to T.Surprise.

We have approached our designer Romain Diguet of Sad studio and our developer Yafoy. We are now ready to welcome you to our world of tea and infusions.
We are extremely happy and ready to take your order and satisfy you with our different products and our customer service. We want to surprise you with our different finds. It is a pleasure to look for different themes and choose the teas accordingly.

Our goal is to introduce you to all teas and infusions around the world, starting with Canada.

You have the choice with a monthly subscription without commitment, renewed automatically and a gift or test of 3, 6 and 12 months.

But, Chutttt, the content of the box of teas will be a real secret so that we can be surprised by our surprise box! It's a question of returning to childhood, for a moment! Even under torture, we will not tell you anything about the box contents!

So tea lovers, do you deliver your box of tea at home !!!!

La vie de l'entreprise

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