Goodbye wrinkles: Drink to your health and your youth!

2015/11/21 - Gaëlle

Of all the benefits of tea, one of the most surprising is perhaps its anti-wrinkle effect. After all, as it is a beverage that is ingested and slowly making its way into our digestive system and, subsequently, into our system and our metabolism, it is easy to understand that tea benefits our "temple and its effects on our health are multiple.

But how does drinking tea delay the formation of wrinkles - or reduce the crow's feet that we already have?

Not just a drink!

Surprise! Those who praise the benefits of tea do not boast that ritual and ingestion after a meal. Although you have already put wet tea bags on your eyes to clear your dark circles, you probably already knew.

 Numerous researches, both on animals and on humans, have shown that the topical application of tea reduces the harmful effects of the sun on the skin. And tea has not only pleasant after-sun effects: it has been proven that tea provides UV protection. This can be effective on days when you forget your sunscreen!

The secrets of an elixir of youth

What are the mechanisms of this anti-wrinkle effect? The answer lies in the many properties of tea. In general, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories are the most common "workers" of youth, and they are legion in your cup of tea!

Let us also note that the phenomena attributed to old age are related to a certain dehydration of the body. The cells lose their water and elasticity at the same time, so wrinkles are formed. This is why moisturizing creams are the usual anti-wrinkle formulas and this is partly why the sun has an aging effect.
But tea is also very moisturizing! By drinking your tea daily, you allow your body to regenerate deeply.

Dans le thé

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