54/5000 Stop nibbling with your cup of tea!

2015/11/21 - Gaëlle

In another of our articles, we discussed the subject of tea as a slimming supplement. As tea helps the metabolism to burn fat and serves as a low-calorie substitute for other drinks we sometimes like too much, it is not difficult to appreciate tea for its slimming virtues. But did you know that tea also helps fight against snacking?

By what kind of magic, will you ask us? Let's see.

Regulating your appetites: tea to the rescue

The short answer to your question is found in Green Tea's EGCGs, which help lower the level of glucose in your body and improve the circulation of insulin in your blood. It's great for diabetics, but what does it mean to you? Well, by stabilizing your glycemic index, you avoid the sudden surges of sugar in your blood - these glucose surges are responsible for your sudden cravings for snacks and unhealthy foods. By keeping your sugar level at a regular level, tea allows you to better control your appetites and impulses to vending machines!

In addition, among the diuretic virtues of tea, we find this little gem: tea apparently promotes the production of satiating hormones. In short, an appetite suppressant effective against nibbling!

Avoid the bad habit of snacking without thinking while preparing your tea

Unfortunately, we can not say that snacking is always (or even generally!) A result of hunger. There are many people who nibble because they are bored or out of habit - when they come back from work, it's the snack bar, and before the dodo, the choco bar. Each one's rituals, but any ritual is not good for the line!
However, the preparation of tea is a ritual in itself and will give you the opportunity to stop for a moment and think, rather than act mechanically, under the influence of stress or boredom! By giving you a moment to refocus (and perhaps even socialize with family or colleagues), you may find that you are not hungry at all and that your cup of tea is enough for you as a break!

Dans le thé

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