Relieve joint pain with tea

2019/06/20 - Gaëlle


Tea to relieve your pain! Today in this article we explain, why can we have a beneficial effect on your joint pain? Which plants to use? How much to consume per day? What are the long-term benefits?

Ending joint pain

Joint pain can be related to life, despite taking medications that may be essential, you can relieve yourself with the help of natural remedy like plants.

Here are the plants that can help you relieve yourself:

Sencha green tea

Green tea is the ally of your joint pain! Indeed due to a high concentration of polyphenols, it is particularly effective to fight against free radicals and thus reduce joint pain inflammation.

How to enjoy the benefits of Sencha green tea?

drink 3 cups of Sencha green tea a day
Choose a green tea
Heat the water to a maximum of 80 °
Infuse the leaves for a maximum of 5 minutes
Do not add milk, prefer honey to sugar


Turmeric does a lot of talking! And for good reason, this is the "miracle" plant. This plant has many virtues for ailments and especially joint pain.

Turmeric has very powerful antioxidant properties. The active ingredient in turmeric acts on inflammation to preserve joint cartilage. It is a completely natural method for rheumatism.
This medicine has no side effect and is therefore a great natural alternative.

How to enjoy the benefits of turmeric?

Infuse 1 to 2 g of turmeric powder with 3 or 4 grains of black pepper in 150 ml of boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes.
Consume 2 cups a day
We boil a turmeric suspension for 3 min and let infuse 10 minutes

The Meadowsweet

Like sencha and turmeric, Queen of the Close is a plant very rich in antioxidants and has many anti-inflammatory properties due to a high concentration of flavonoids. In addition The Queen of the near containing salicylic acid that would become the ancestor of aspirin and would be very effective in relieving joint pain.

How to enjoy the benefits of the Meadows Queen?

Infuse some queen flowers in a cup of boiling water
Let infuse 10 minutes
Drink 3 cups a day

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Avec le thé

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