White Tea, black, green, what differences?

2018/10/05 - Gaëlle


Green, white, black ... we are very likely to think that these green, black and white have changed plants, it is a received idea! The camellia sinensis) "Chinese camellia". However, these different varieties vary in their virtues and very specific benefits. What are their main differences and how to choose them is what we will see! Good reading!

Green tea: benefits and virtues

We love to enjoy the old time to them and green. For millennia, green has been used to help heal and soothe ailments!

The perfect the perfect immunity! ** Antioxidant ** par excellence it is also a powerful ** anti-inflammatory *, * antiviral *, * antibacterial ** ... in short you understand, in case of decline of the diet consume one to two cups of tea (scented or not per day).

This is the green is also excellent to help reduce bad cholesterol, a natural way to feel better and help reduce cholesterol in the blood.

Finally, green tea is also known to help ** lose weight **, indeed green tea help burn calories while improving digestive problems!

You understand green is your ally health, well-being and pleasure in everyday life!

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All about black tea

The black tea is also our first, the highest rate of theine among the 3.

The benefits of black tea are numerous and can help to improve various small pains!

Black tea is really appreciated for its ** cardiovascular ** health benefits thanks to its high content of flavonoids (antioxidants). It is also excellent for stimulating ** the brain **.

Finally, black tea can just as green help you in your weight loss **.

The virtues and benefits of black tea are numerous, so that the effects are not frightened by a good cup.

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White tea, do you have a comment?

After green tea and black .. let's talk about white tea! A sweet, unique and delicious flavor that we like to enjoy at any time of the day. It is the cheapest in theine, its subtle and delicate taste is a treat for the taste buds.

Did you know that ** white is one of the most beneficial ** for health? Yes Yes! Why? Because the theater has a white background, is not available it allows it to keep all its benefits.

White tea is very rich in ** antioxidants *, containing three times more polyphenols, it boosts the * immune system ** and helps maintain health and energy at all times.

Like green tea, white is known to lower bad cholesterol and is excellent for heart health.

Did you know that white is also famous for making beautiful? Thanks to its high antioxidant content, it fights against free radicals and thus protects the aging of the skin. Finally white tea, help maintain white and healthy teeth!

You understand, the white is the one that must stay in his closet! Did you?

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The green, the black or the white ... you will understand, are unique and many health benefits. Tea is the healthiest and tasty drink par excellence!

At T•Surprise we love it in all its forms! And you?

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