Abonnement de thé : le cadeau parfait des entreprises et des relations professionnelles

2015/11/21 - Gaëlle

A good relationship with your customers and employees is built on respect and mutual trust.

That said, it can sometimes be complicated to know exactly what to offer as a gift to your customers and your employees. Yes, when you meet them, you can offer them a dinner in a restaurant, a classic that allows for the exchange and deepening of bonds and trust. But when it comes to marking your appreciation in the form of thanks, without adding the meeting and the conversation, how to choose the perfect gift?

Because in our time, the subject is delicate! Sweets and chocolates are to be avoided for diets, diabetes and health problems. Local products must be careful not to trigger allergies ... or to go against ethical or religious values. Serrano ham is an excellent delicacy, but certainly not to the taste of your vegetarian customers or your Jewish or Muslim collaborators! And sending them an inexpensive item will often be seen as pure marketing ... What to do?

Our modest but clever proposal: offer a tea subscription as an appreciation. As long as you have some water to boil, tea is a perfect and all-round gift. No calories, a bunch of health benefits, easy to prepare and available in a vast sample of flavors, the tea manages to match most tastes without the inconvenience!

In addition, the advantage of a tea subscription is that it stretches over time. Thus, every month that your customer or collaborator receives an assortment of tea from you, he or she will inevitably think of you well. By remembering the positive memory of your company in their mind, you increase the chances of them coming back to make extra purchases in your company! This is called a gift that keeps giving!

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