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Do you like to discover new things?

To escape, travel and relax, and especially to be pleasantly surprised?

Whether you are curious about tea, a beginner or a connoisseur, T•Surprise would like to accompany you on your pilgrimage into a thousand hidden facets of the world of tea, by sharing a box of tea with you each month.

Our philosophy is simplicity, emotion, enjoyment the discovery of new flavours.

More and more people are enjoying a cup of tea every day. We are becoming more and more curious about this drink that is healthy, delicious and refined.

But how do you get to decide on just one kind from this multitude of choices and formats? Do you like white tea, black tea or green tea? Do you enjoy teas from particular regions or with certain aromas? Do you prefer tea in leaf tea, in bags, bricks or in flower form?

On a monthly basis, T•Surprise wants to help you discover 4 to 5 varieties of teas and infusions sold around the world and throughout Canada, so that you can experience peaceful moments thanks to the serenity tea provides. You will receive our selection of the best teas and infusions related to our unique and thoughtful themes.

Wait with anticipation each month for the mail to arrive so that you can experience something unexpected, delicious and warm, whether you are alone or with family and friends, when you open your T•Surprise box!!!!

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