Gaëlle discovers the tea the first time

2018/05/29 - Gaëlle


"Discover a cloud of flavors ... That's what happened to me on a hot summer's night as I jumped together in my twenties. Invited by my lover's parents for an evening meal, the discussion is lively. As usual, everyone discusses and exposes their point of view. The atmosphere is light. Once again, his mother offers me a cup of tea to close the meal. Reflexively, I'm about to refuse and then change my mind and finally accept his offer. "I'm fine. This will be my second cup of tea for life. The first, a mint tea drunk after a trip to the Moroccan desert, did not particularly please me. The teapot is placed on the table. Yellow. The smell of tea that infuses is nice. A slight scent of rose floats. The taste will be the ally of the smell. I hope so. I am served. The cup and saucer are matched and drawn from the collection of a great-grandmother of British origin. I taste. First of all, lip service. A green tea with intoxicating pink that manages to make me smile. I enjoy this tender moment and let myself be rocked by the discussions. Today, I'm rocking you. "

Good tea!


La vie de l'entreprise

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