When Marie-France goes to discover the tea

2018/05/29 - Marie-France


"To discover the tea ... That's what happened to me on a winter afternoon when I was seven years old. Buried and forced to pajamas and cuddly toys, my grandmother brings me a cup of Orange Pekoe tea with a hint of honey. Astonished, I first check that the flowery porcelain cup is good for me. "Yes, my grandmother confirms, it will do you good. As she said true! Here I am regarded as a great. I enjoy tea as a nectar previously forbidden. I like the taste. His warmth comforts me. Besides, my sore throat seems to be submitting to the superiority of my hot drink. I am well, relaxed and happy to access this little luxury. This moment is engraved forever in my memory. The rest is woven of exploration and discovery. Tea, as a second nature, accompanies me from morning to evening, on a trip, week or weekend, alone or with friends. Today, it is with you that I share it. Good tea! "


La vie de l'entreprise

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