Chai Tea

2016/01/12 - Gaëlle

It is hard to not be familiar with the word "chai", whether we are tea fans or not! It is found on the menus of many restaurants and on blackboards of even more cafes, big and small. But did you know that at the base, "chai" does not mean anything other than "tea" in Hindi?
Of course, when we say chai tea, it does not mean "tea tea", more tea than tea! What the coffee shop is trying to serve to you is actually not tea square, but rather a sweet tea with milk and spices.

Chai Tea

Chai Tea Basic recipe:

Is there any recipe for this sweet and spicy tea? Not really. The idea remains close to its description through alternatives, but it never defines itself in a precisely prescriptive manner. To form the base, we use black tea, strong and robust, that will not be drowned once softened. The leaves or granules of tea are added, sugar and spices (cinnamon, ginger, cumin, cardamom, pepper, cloves ... the sample is large) to boiling milk. We filter before drinking and - tada! – We obtain a delicious chai tea.

Mass Culture:

Anyway, it seems that America as a whole is hooked on the concept of chai tea, not only because it is on all lips, it is also sold in all forms! We find chai bags (mixtures of spices and tea) ready for use as we also find bottles of "chai spice" in grocery stores. And sometimes these mixtures add vanilla and chocolate, definitely deviating from the Indian origins of this tea.

And some originals also make iced tea or slush. Question of refreshing oneself during heatwaves. Like what, chai tea has really been assimilated into the culture here!

À la découverte du thé

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