Tea vs Coffee: what to choose

2019/04/24 - Gaëlle

Tea vs coffee, the eternal fight! Tea and coffee are the most consumed drinks every day in the world! We often talk about the harmful effects of over consumption of tea or coffee but also the benefits they can bring. A large number of people like tea as well as coffee, but what is the favorite drink and why? In this article we propose to compare these 2 drinks, negative and positive aspects, we tell you everything!

Coffee: the pros and cons h2>![tea-vs-cafe1.jpg](https://tsurprise.s3.amazonaws.com/blog/tea-vs-cafe1.jpg)We will not hide it, drink a good coffee in the morning to wake up nothing better is not it? We are convinced that coffee is the perfect fuel to start a new day! In addition, just like tea, there is a great variety of coffee, fruity, spicy, vanilla or chocolate, a real treat for our palate.Black, or accompanied by milk, sugar, latte or cappuccino, you can decline your coffee at will!

Coffee, the good things: h3>- Coffee is very rich in antioxidants- Coffee decreases age-related memory impairment and improves long-term memory;- It reduces the risk of cancer of the mouth, pharynx and esophagus and skin- Coffee has a positive effect on migraines- It helps fight against constipation- It is a mental and physical stimulant

Coffee, the negative aspects: h3>- may increase high blood pressure- makes the aorta more rigid when coffee is associated with cigarette consumption;- can increase cholesterol levels;- negatively affects the quality of sleep and agitation

Tea: the pros and cons h2>![the-vs-cafe.jpg](https://tsurprise.s3.amazonaws.com/blog/the-vs-cafe.jpg)Aaaaaahhh tea, we do not like it we love it and this in all its forms ...There are so many different varieties that it is also impossible not to find one to his taste!

Tea, the positives: h3>- the wide variety of varieties and tastes!- powerful antioxidant- helps reduce bad cholesterol- helps reduce stress- promotes digestion and reduces transit problems- lowers blood pressure- destroys viruses and bacteria- helps maintain beautiful skin and healthy teeth- help with weight loss

Tea: the negative aspects h3>- consumed in excessive amounts, it can cause constipation;- It can increase the heart rate in case of overconsumption- It slows the absorption of certain minerals, such as iron, which can cause anemia- Like coffee, it can make brown spots on your teeth- It can prevent a good sleep if it is consumed too late in the daySo which team do you belong to? More tea or coffee? Anyway, to make the most of the benefits of each, the basic rule and consume them in moderation! Do not abuse good things :)See you soon!

Dans le thé

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