Under the hot rays


Relax in the sun and fill up with heat! Swim off and then settle on the terrace to enjoy life ... a cup of happiness in hand!

Green and White Tea - Zyo Princess Jade: A sumptuous blend of green and white on additions of a touch of bergamot oil. A real taste of freshness with hints of honey and citrus.
The iced T.Surprise - Pacifica: An iced tea with notes of orange, apple and pineapple that lifts us like a hot wind from the Pacific. A refreshing blend of sun and fruit fruits that tastes orange ice cream! Without caffeine
Green tea - Moroccan mint Ariel. A true trip to the country flavors of Morocco.
Théodorants - Lemon de Metrotea This South African film is about the taste of rice with an exceptional touch of lemon leaves and calendula petals. Delicious hot or iced breakfast with a slice of lemon.


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