Immerse yourself in the world of a freezing summer with our summer box of hot and iced teas. Enjoy a carefully chosen selection of refreshing and comforting teas to satisfy all tea lovers.

Product Features:

Assortment of 4 varieties of teas: Discover a palette of flavors with our carefully selected hot and iced teas. Each variety offers a unique taste experience to satisfy every palate.

Delicious delicacy: In addition to the teas, you will receive a carefully chosen delicious delicacy to accompany your tasting. Let yourself be tempted by this sweet touch that will enhance your tea experience.

Special Surprise: To make your experience even more exciting, we've included a special surprise in each box. Discover a little attention that will add a note of excitement to your tasting moment.

Whether you prefer to enjoy a soothing hot tea or refresh yourself with an iced tea on a hot summer day, our summer set of hot and iced teas is perfect to satisfy your cravings. Treat yourself to a unique tea experience and let yourself melt with pleasure with our delicious delicacies.

Note: Tea varieties, delicacies and surprises may vary from box to box to add a touch of surprise to each order.

Get ready for a refreshing and tasty summer with our summer box of hot and iced teas. Order now and dive into the gourmet world of tea!


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