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This teapot is incredibly elegant. Part of our collection of our Teapot Collection, this modern teapot is designed to enjoy one cup of tea at a time. Designed for daily use and holds 32 oz of tea (4 cups). Take five minutes and enjoy relaxing!

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Advice for using your teapot:

Before using for the first time, you must do the following:
1 - Fill the teapot with boiling water.
2 - Wait a minute, then empty the water.
3 - While it is still hot, wipe the exterior walls with a dry cloth.
4 - Repeat this process 3 or 4 times.
5 - Let the interior dry for 30 minutes.

To maintain your teapot and preserve its qualities and its beauty, we would like you to follow the following instructions:
1 - After using your teapot, rinse it with hot water and avoid the use of detergent.
2 - Wipe the exterior walls when they are still hot.
3 - Never rub your teapot with an abrasive sponge but wipe it with a soft cloth.
4 - Always allow the inside of the teapot to air dry without the lid.
5 - Never leave water or tea too long in your teapot, to avoid stains and halos.
6 - Before storing your teapot, check that it is perfectly dry (inside and out) and, if possible, separate it from its lid.


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