On a carnival tune

On a carnival tune

Discover a selection of teas and infusions festive, colorful and rich in flavors. Travel through the Carnival of Quebec, Rio de Janeiro, Venice or New Orleans.

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Rooibos - Caribbean Breeze of Zyo

Pina Colada is a delicious combination of green tea, orange and coconut. To drink without moderation!

Black Tea - On a Carnival T air • Surprise

Here is a black tea on the unique aromas transported to Brazil, for the admirers of the costumes of the famous carnivals. This organic tea contains pieces of orange, lemon, goji berries, blueberry, citrus essence.

Green tea - Matcha from Bangoshi

This Matcha Bangoshi is grown in a region close to Kyoto famous for producing the world's best green ones. A bright green, the Matcha, you will experience a successful experience in the mouth between herbal and sweet flavors. A wonderful way to start the day in style!

Black tea - Tea Studio | Nilgiri Coonoor 02 from Camelia Sinensis

This tea with beautiful big leaves offers a taste with the classic profile, malty and sweet. The liquor is vibrant and structured like black and generous teas. The nuances of sweet potato and pepper give way to a final, a clear and fine flowery. A perfect treat for harvest time!

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