Like a fish in water

Like a fish in water

Savor, discover a mysterious selection of teas and infusions. Like a fish in the water, this box is an invitation to bring home the teatime as a sea breeze. Dive with us in the world of tea: It's not an April Fool!

🌼 🌸 Gaëlle

In the box

Black Tea - Zyo Indonesia

This organic black tea is absolutely divine, with this aroma coming from the ocean. Feel that sea breeze on your face.

Herbal tea Chamomile Lavender of Ariel

Imagine tasting this caffeine-free herbal tea at the edge of the water! The soothing properties of chamomile blend with rich shades of lavender and provide a harmonious herbal experience tinged with pure vanilla.

Green Tea - Bocha Karigane from Cha Yi Tea House

This green tea consists of leaves and shoots of stalks of young tea shoots, a blend offering a particularly low infusion of caffeine and tannins, perfect for all times of the day. Cultivated without synthetic products in the region of Kirishima, South of Japan, this tea releases a soft, silky liquor and some marine notes. Its aromas of fresh asparagus, white flowers, cream, wakame and hazelnut evoke a nourishing and comforting broth.

Black tea - Inukshuk from Metrotea

This quality tea is to die for, with its flavors of blueberry and ice wine.

Surprise gift - Fish-shaped infuser

This fish-shaped infuser fits easily into any cup or teapot. Simply fill the fish with your favorite tea and hang it on the edge of your cup filled with hot water.

Gluttony - Fish in the water

April Fools remains a tradition. That's why we suggest you to savor them!
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