In the comfort of his arms

In the comfort of his arms

Have you noticed the glow of the rising sun of our spring mornings? And these buds already more If you are like me, you are grateful for these wonders of the new season. Savoring the selection of the boxes In the comfort of his arms, you will discover the brilliance of your eyes with a promise of renewal.

🌼 🌸 Gaëlle

In the box

Green Tea - Mao Feng from Zyo Tea House

This organic black tea is absolutely divine, with this aroma coming from the ocean. Feel that sea breeze on your face.

White tea - Carnation tea flower of Ariel

White tea leaves tied with a carnation flower to create a tea with a sweet flavor and no bitterness, contributing to insight. Watch this blooming tea open during the infusion - pure pleasure for the eyes, nose and palate!

Green Tea - Oolong Cream of Herbs House

A plant oolong and amazing Wuyi Mountains in China. Very unctuous, with its natural sweet butter and cream flavors.

Black Tea - Maple with Metrotea

The powerful maple tree provides a unique syrup. This black Ceylon tea captures the flavor and spirit of maple.

Surprise gift - Tea soap

This soap is Saponaria soap is made from tea Earl Gray tea house Cha Yi. 100% VEGAN, without palm oil, will allow you to relax.

Gluttony - Chocolate

Here is a delicious candy that will go very well with your tea. Good tasting !

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