Like a flower garden

 Like a flower garden

To offer flowers or to receive, the summer, splashes us with its vibrant colors, the wind is hot, the smell of earth and nascent flowers, we transported.

🌼 🌸 Gaëlle

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Blue Tea - Butterfly Flower from Zyo
This Indonesian flower is a 100% natural organic infusion that changes color. A unique drink that goes from light blue to purple pink, to put a little color in your breaks.

Green Tea - Oolong with the Rose of Good Divine Tea
A simple blend of tieguanyin oolong, rose petals and calendar petals. Light, floral, and refreshing even in summer. Ideal in the afternoon.

White tea - T.Surprise flower garden
Here is a white tea with unique aromas that splashes you with its vibrant colors. This organic tea contains rose petals, lavender and centaury flower.

Green Tea - Tea Cha Black Explorers
Inspired by the countries of North Africa, this blend is the green of China organic, of the deep health and organic, rose petals and orange peel. An infusion of sweetness for total comfort.

Surprise Gift - Capuccine Seeds
Plant pretty orange, red and yellow edible flowers. Ideal for your garden or balcony!

Gluttony - Rose petals
Roses have everything to please us! The petals are excellent for health. You can slip in your jam, salad or in your tea!

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