On a light summer air

On a light summer air

Let yourself be transported by this summer air, a real concentrate of freshness and summer flavors, to infuse iced! Gradient teas and infusions with summer notes, scented surprise that dapples the air of the delicate tea flower: this box will send you straight into the islands!

🌼 🌸 Gaëlle

In the box

Rooibos - Africa from Zyo Tea House
Are you ready for a getaway in Africa? Here is a tea of ​​rooibos that offers an incredible bouquet of aromas and exotic flavors. Tie-off exciting and relaxing, an amazing and unexpected marriage of flowers and spices. A real escape ...

Herbal Tea - Fruisane Cherry, Almond and Cream from Ariel Tea House
A true infusion of fruit, this burst of sweet cherries is complimented by the richness of almonds and cream. Delicious hot or iced. Without caffeine.

Herbal Tea - Strawberry Kiwi Tea House METZ
Light, fragrant and elegant, this herbal tea combines the flavor of strawberries and kiwis. Naturally without theine, it is perfect for these ices.

Herbal tea - Cornflower of Metrotea
Stroll, live with freedom and carefree, this year we welcome its poetic name and gourmet notes of blueberries. Refreshing and greedy, the moment is delicious.

Surprise Gift - Postcard
Want to travel! Here is a nice postcard to send to your friends.

Gourmandise - Dried orange
Insert dried orange pieces into your iced tea. A magic potion for bright days!

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