Like an autumn moon

 Like an autumn moon

In October, let's go for a hike in the forest to admire the beautiful colors. Celebrate the arrival of autumn and in this mysterious and generous forest. Discover the treasures to infuse that leave us behind them squirrels to offer us a tasting of teas and infusions with woody notes, hazelnuts, or even pine.

🌼 🌸 Gaëlle

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Black tea - Earl gray with Zyo cream
Here is a must-have mix for all Earl Gray enthusiasts! A black tea with rich notes of timeless bergamot enhanced with French vanilla with a sweet and creamy taste. A supreme delight with a remarkably rich and creamy taste!

Black tea - Caramel with salted butter from Metz
This very gourmet blend of black tea with pieces of caramel is a real treat. This gourmet tea will warm you up after a good walk in the forest.

Black tea - Dessert By Deb chocolate orange cookie
After a good hike, we need comfort. Enjoy this delicious dessert tea, a perfect blend of black tea and rooibos, with hints of chocolate, orange and cookies. This tea is sweet and comforting.

Black Tea - Tea Studio | Nilgiri Coonoor 02 by Camelia Sinensis
This tea with beautiful large leaves offers a taste with a classic profile, malty and sweet. The liquor is vibrant and structured like generous and generous black teas. The nuances of sweet potato and pepper give way to its final, clean and finely floral. A perfect delight for harvest time!

Surprise gift - Green tea soap from Saponaria soap factory
This fresh and soft soap perfectly captures the aroma of Japanese green tea with soft and subtle herbal nuances without forgetting a touch of lemon for the finish. 100% artisanal vegan soap made from olive oil, enriched with cocoa butter. Phthalate-free, paraben-free and made without palm oil

Delicacy - Matcha Nougat
Enjoy a delicious matcha nougat. It will awaken your taste buds.

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