Under the fir lights

 Under the fir lights

Cups that sparkle, hearts that shine! T • Surprise celebrates the light that, throughout the world, symbolizes joy, celebration or even hope and invites you to see the light both outside and inside of you. Christmas is the perfect time to put sparkles in our eyes and radiate for ourselves and for others, our most beautiful light! The teas of the Christmas Lights Box have been specially selected in this spirit, to accompany and illuminate your festivities.

🌼 🌸 Gaëlle

In the box

White tea - Zyo cinnamon white chai
A sweet Indian flavor for the holidays. A white tea chai, sweet and slightly spiced with cinnamon. Ideal for watching the fallen snow.

Green tea - Under the lights of the tree of T. Surprise
Here is a green bent with aromas and a unique taste of balsam fir, cinnamon and orange. This tea is both refreshing and invigorating.

Infusion - Rosehip & Pimbina by Pilki
Taste the present moment with this infusion of Labrador tea with rosehip and pimbina. This blend has a velvety taste that swings between sweet and tangy, much like cranberries. Curiously, we find these same components in India Pale Ale beer. Even people who are not usually herbal tea lovers find themselves loving it.

Black tea - Choco-menta de Sociéthé
This black tea flavored with mint is divinely refreshing, with its chocolate flavors. It is ideal after a meal or just to have fun.

Surprise gift - Pine cone
Discover a delicious pine cone to decorate your Christmas tree!

Gourmandise - Choupette Fine Chocolate & Crunchy Maple
Choupette Chocolat offers you a moment of pleasure to share without any guilt. With a cocoa content of 48%, the maple wheel tablet contains maple flakes and fleur de sel for an exquisite sweet and savory taste experience!

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