Like a mom's love

Like a mom's love

A mom, we all have one. She’s great, she’s a friend, she’s the most beautiful, the smartest. She is our mom, and a woman at the same time: active, dynamic, gentle, flirtatious, sporty ... or not! Sometimes she introduced us to the delights of tea, sometimes it is us who make her discover new things. T.Surprise celebrates all the moms, and the pleasure that we have to exchange with them around a cup of accomplice tea!

🌼 🌸 Gaëlle

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Green tea - Jasmine Golden Dragon from METZ
An explosion of jasmine aromas, full in the mouth and complex. Jasmine symbolizes grace and elegance. The jasmine tree is in bloom for about 12 hours and only at night. In the middle of the night, the scent is at its peak and it is at this time that the flower must be picked up and placed on the tea. In the morning, the scent disappeared from the flower, and it was transferred to tea. A delight for your taste buds.

Herbal tea - Pilki's Hawthorn and Lavender
Indulge in a soothing experience with this blend of Labrador Hawthorn & Lavender tea. The classic lavender infusion revisited and modernized with ingredients picked from the Quebec forest. This infusion is first of all woody, then embellished with a floral hint.

Black tea - Metreotea Pu-erh Scottish Caramel
A vintage Pu’erh with notes of Scottish caramel and hazelnut almond to create an earthy cup with a dessert flavor.

Green tea - Pearl of Ariel Jasmine
These choice Chinese green tea leaves individually rolled with delicate jasmine buds are part of the exquisite. Watch the pearls open during the infusion - pure pleasure for the eyes, nose and palate!

Surprise gift - Lemon-shaped infuser
This infuser is an essential accessory in the preparation of some.

Delicacies - Chocolate
It's all very well, but with this selection of teas and infusions, what are we snacking on? Savor a delicious square of chocolate

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