On the grass

On the grass

As tall as three apples, this box is full of surprises! At the heart of our selection of incredibly refreshing, fruity, floral and gourmet teas and infusions. These teas give you back the peach and give you a delicious sweetness at the same time. Even if the weather is on its own, this box will be your ray of sunshine!

🌼 🌸 Gaëlle

In the box

Green tea - Jasmine from Zyo

A perfect jasmine green tea to soothe you. After harvest, the tea leaves are dried in a layer with jasmine flowers. These will scent the tea naturally for several hours. A soft and refreshing taste, a delight!

Rooibos - Orange Dessert Mousse by Deb

Oranges and cream just might be one of the tastiest things of all time. This caffeine-free blend of rooibos, vanilla, oranges, lemongrass and creamy coconut transports you like a dream, and is best enjoyed cold or frozen.

Herbal tea - Ariel's breath

Plantain, licorice and fennel unite to create a harmonious and soothing herbal experience.

Herbal tea - Berry Berry from Metz

With pieces of sweet elderberry and blackcurrant, hibiscus and rose scents, strawberry leaves and natural flavors with sweet aromas on the nose. An exceptional, caffeine-free organic herbal tea that is as delicious served hot as on ice.

Surprise gift - A postcard

A beautiful postcard to write a little note to the person of your choice.

Gourmandise - Dried strawberries

Stir these delicious dried strawberries into your iced tea.

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