Like a chalet vacation

 Like a chalet vacation

On the program for your vacation at the chalet. Let's put it in our heads and in our cups, to warm us up next winter! Who said that you only drink hot? Discover our selection of these exotic and learn how to prepare and savor the ice creams! Each tea has its cocktail, with or without alcohol, enough to silence the bad tongues who say that tea is only good for grannies! Taste a tea under the sun exactly, and we'll meet in September for a high school comeback!

🌼 🌸 Gaëlle

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White tea - Strawberry Hibiscus by T. Surprise

Strawberry lover, you will not be disappointed with this tea concocted especially for you! A pure tangy strawberry delight. Excellent hot or in iced tea!

Black tea - Coconut pie from Dessert by Deb

For chilly evenings, enjoy this delicious chai dessert made with coconut. Relax under a blanket with a good book and enjoy this hot tea.

White tea - Jasmine and Rose of Ariel

This Chinese white tea blends perfectly with rose petals and jasmine to produce a delicate infusion with elegant and light aromas.

Black tea - Zyo's peach blossom

A rich and fruity black tea blend with the juicy flavor of sun-ripened peaches. Delicious and seductive, this tea gives you a real taste of summer. To enjoy in hot tea or on ice. Simply divine!

Surprise gift - Teaspoon

Discover a colorful teaspoon, an essential accessory for making delicious iced teas.

Gluttony - Biscuit

A delicious cookie to enjoy during the teatime

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