Like a Christmas tale

 Like a Christmas tale

Take a seat in your chair and open the box: do you hear the Christmas Tale that escapes? Discover the wonderful creations of Christmas teas and infusions, so that the end of the year celebrations are gourmet and magical.
Christmas, finally! This wonderful period when the streets are adorned with red and golden lights, where the squares of towns and villages see huge pines rise up and where every moment resembles the chapter of a Christmas tale, between sweetness, magic and dreams. This year, we wanted to concentrate all the festive, generous and friendly Christmas spirit in a selection that smacks of simple and traditional delicacies, while bringing some bold and resolutely contemporary touches to the teas and infusions of the selection, so that in your mug echoes a big HO HO HO! Let yourself be lulled by the stories of this Christmas Tale like no other, make the kettle sing and, around an exclusive tea creation, think about all the festive moments that lie ahead.

🌼 🌸 Gaëlle

In the box

Rooibos– Christmas Tale by T • Surprise

Here is a green Rooibos with aromas of hazelnuts and pistachios. This unique tea with a beneficial blend and a delicious treat on the palate.
This organic tea contains ashwagandha root, cocoa pieces, licorice root

Black tea - Christmas tea

Everyone loves this Christmas black tea with mysteriously fruity flavors, enhanced with a wonderful

Black tea - Chai de Chat Noir

A sweet, slightly spicy flavor for the holiday season. A black tea, sweet and light. Great for watching fallen snow.

Green tea - Creamy espresso truffles from Não

Deliciously energizing, this rich blend of green tea, generously enhanced with cocoa rind, is the perfect treat to enjoy without remorse! Leaving tasty notes of creamy coffee bean truffles on the palate, the infusion is softened by blueberry flowers and pieces of dates.

Surprise gift - Coaster

Place your cup of tea on this beautiful flake-shaped coaster

Gluttony - Chocolate

A delicious chocolate for a well-deserved tea break.

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