Like a Bollywood dance

 Like a Bollywood dance

India invites itself into your cup! Traditional black tea from the Maharajahs, green teas with citrus fruits or amazing chai ... Each tea evokes a colorful and rhythmic dance. The journey promises to be poetic and gourmet. This box will be soft and colorful. Welcome to India!

We take all orders from December 15 to January 14, and will ship boxes on January 16.

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In the box

Herbal tea - Orange blossom tea

This herbal tea is an invitation to the foot of Tajamal, with its coppery color, with a taste of orange and cinnamon with notes of honey and caramel coming from orange blossoms and lilies will satisfy you. Welcome to India!

Black tea - Spicy almond chai from Zyo

An Indian saying gives us the following advice: "When you know there are tigers on the mountain, you are careful not to meet there. This chai is naturally spicy. For a trip to high mountains without the inconvenience of a bad encounter

Yerba maté - Organic Chaï Maté from Nao

This highly spicy infusion will take you on a journey to these tea lands. We fell in love with this original marriage which is also infused with milk for a smooth chai latte. Ideal for dreaming of distant lands.

Black tea - Darjeeling Niroula 2nd Flush from the Cha Yi Tea House

The golden life of a Maharaja begins with a delicious breakfast. In a cup adorned with precious stones, this strong and robust black tea is made from whole leaves of high quality with delicious notes of dried apricots, cookies, cocoa, cedar and almond blend harmoniously to make a good Daily Darjeeling at a reasonable price. The sun rises on the palace.

Surprise gift –Encen

Relax! Discover all the secrets that the lands of India have in store for you.

Gluttony - Carambar

Savor this delicious fruity candy. This candy is colorful like this country.

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