Getaway to the land of the rising sun

 Getaway to the land of the rising sun

Refinement of flavors, harmony of the senses. A new journey is being prepared in the heart of the Japanese Garden.
Sencha, hojicha, genmaicha, Japanese teas are full of authentic and surprising aromas. Green teas with vegetal and floral notes, delicate liqueurs with amber and golden textures. Japanese tea is a delicate art. A zen box, relaxing and beneficial, subscribe

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Green tea - Hojicha

This roasted green tea from the Kirishima region has an aromatic aspect that is very different from the other greens on our menu. Grown without the use of any chemicals on nutrient-rich volcanic soil, the amber liquor offered by its infusion is smooth and naturally sweet. It evokes aromas of toast, hazelnut, hot chestnuts, coffee and red fruit jam. Digestible, comforting and low in caffeine, hojicha is a perfect companion for chilly evenings or to accompany the most delicious desserts ...
Tea house: Cha Yi tea house

So cinnamon organic green tea
Being very slightly oxidized, its delicate white tea leaves offer a clear and luminous liquor with a subtle floral scent. Embellished with a touch of Chun Mee green tea and cinnamon, this infusion leaves a slightly sweet freshness in the mouth.
Tea house: Nao

Green tea - Cherry oolong
Taste this delicious blend of cherry oolong tea from Zyo. Its fruity and vegetal aromas will charm you while invigorating your mind ... A real journey in a cup!
Tea house: Zyo

Green tea - Sencha
A Japanese-inspired green tea classic that stands out for its leaves worked into sticks. Its very mild taste is perfect for learning about plain green teas. Each cup, in a soft yellow hue, is bursting with vegetal notes with a delicate floral finish.
Tea house: T. Surprise

Surprise gift - Kawai marker sticker
The Japanese love little Kawai accessories, here is what you will use for your notes.

Gluttony - Matcha KitKat
Enjoy a snack that we can find in Japan.

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