Like a sweet symphony

Like a sweet symphony

This tea box is a journey to the heart of a poetic, colorful and gourmet universe. We will awaken your positive energies, we will boost your immune defenses. Tea is more than an infuser drink, it's a philosophy.

🌼 🌸 Gaëlle

In the box

White tea – Blueberry pomegranate

Taste this infusion of unparalleled sweetness! A delectable blend of blueberries (American bilberry) and pomegranate blends wonderfully with the typical lightness of white tea. An infusion with fruity aromas that can be enjoyed both hot and on ice, drinking any month of the year.

Water temperature: 55C
Dosage: 2 tbsp. tsp per cup of water
Brewing time: 3-5 mins
Time of day: Morning- Afternoon
Tea house: zyo

Herbal Tea – Ayurvedic Balance

Like a sweet melody, to soothe the mind, calm it down. Rich in vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants, this herbal tea allows you to take a break.

Water temperature: 100C
Dosage: 1 tbsp. tsp per cup of water
Brewing time: 3-5min
Time of day: All day
Tea House: METZ

Green tea – Oriental beauty
Like a delicious belly dance. This Oolong tea is composed of small, delicate copper-brown leaves dotted with small silvery buds. These are harvested by hand around mid-June. The leaves are approximately 85% oxidized which produces a bronze colored infusion that reveals notes of spice and citrus marmalade. The finish is honeyed and very sweet.

Water temperature: 90C
Dosage: 1 tbsp. tsp per cup of water
Brewing time: 1 -2 min
Time of day: Morning
Tea House: Folium Tea

Green tea – Organic pleasure of the palate

This delicate fragrant blend is composed of a base of Sencha tea, Gunpowder, Pai Mu Tan white tea and Genmaicha with the sweet taste of grilled rice. Once infused, you will see the legendary Jasmine Dragon Pearls unfold before your eyes. A completely surprising and round liqueur in the mouth, leaving you with sweet and fresh notes of apricots, currants and strawberries.

Water temperature: 75C
Dosage: 1 tbsp. tsp per cup of water
Brewing time: 2-3min
Time of day: All day
Tea House: Nao

Surprise gift – teaspoon
Discover this very practical accessory for measuring your tea.

Gourmet – Chocolate
A little chocolate for a Tea Time break

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