White tea

2016/01/21 - Gaëlle


Unlike many other types of tea, white tea remains "pure": by not undergoing any fermentation and keeping the drying stage at a very minimal duration, white tea remains fairly unaltered. Moreover, unlike green tea, white tea is neither withered nor rolled. And it is this lack of significant transformation that allows white tea to retain the maximum amount of nutrients and beneficial substances.

With a delicate and delicate taste, it is advisable to brew the white tea between 5 and 10 minutes in a water not exceeding 70 degrees. In addition, to keep the refined aromas of this type of tea, do not brew it in the same teapot where you are infusing your black tea: the strong taste of the latter will change the effect of your infusions more subtle.

Slimming supplement

White tea has many virtues. One of them? Accelerate your metabolism and thus allow better weight loss. In addition, by eliminating (or reducing) the retention of water, white tea helps prevent bloating and some extravagant beads ...!

Note that given the low caffeine content and the absence of caffeine, white tea is drunk at any time of the day. The relevant health recommendation: a cup of tea in the morning when you wake up, a cup after lunch, and a last cup just before falling asleep!

Other cool benefits:
- Many antioxidants, to keep your immune system strong and your cells young
- Concentrated vitamins C and E, to prevent colds and small winter flu;
- Thanks to a low concentration of caffeine, a diet of white tea can lower your blood pressure and your cholesterol levels!

But to better absorb these health effects, remember not to add milk or sugar, which would block antioxidants! Enjoy all the delicate aromas of white tea without altering it: your health and taste buds will rejoice

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