Society, for the sake of tea!

2019/01/16 - Gaëlle


In this article we were eager to tell you about Societhé, a tea company specializing in bulk aromatic teas and high-end accessories.

Sociéthé is distinguished by the great variety of these teas but also by its chic and glamorous image!

To learn more about this company or to discover new teas and accessories visit their website (

Sociéthé, teas and unique accessories

Sociéthé finds for you white, black, green teas, infusions and Roobois from all over the world. Anxious to offer quality products, tea unearthed are great qualities and for some are even certified organic!

Finally, in terms of accessories, Sociéthé offers you many and varied that will meet all your needs and your desires!

White, green, black, wulong, roobois ... tea-volon tea

For white tea lovers, discover two very sweet and tasty teas on BAI MU DAN WANG and the YUE GUANG BAI both from China. The sweet and delicate scent of these white teas will offer you a moment of relaxation and relaxation!

Rather green tea? Sociéthé offers a wide range of green tea! Rich in antioxidant iron, vitamins, green tea is your health ally! Vary the pleasures and enjoy green tea in all its forms Matcha tea, Earl Gray and much more!

For the fans of black tea, the still Sociéthé offers a wide range of products each as unique as the others! Black tea is more stimulating than green tea and the health effects are undeniable: helps lower cholesterol, asthma or digestive disorders.

Finally for lovers of roobois, or tisanes, you will not be disappointed to discover the wide selection offered on the site.

Finally for all your tea preparations, find all the essential accessories teaspoon, matcha whisk, teapot and much more ...

Visit Sociéthé now and treat yourself to a dose of happiness!


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