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The richness of Quebec's terroir: Pilki


Recently, the T.Surprise team made a delicious and pleasant discovery of the Tea House Pilki. This Quebec company invites you on a taste trip to the boreal forest with its Labrador tea. Pilki is committed to making different varieties of herbal teas 100% artisanal and 100% organic accessible.

Behind Pilki hides two young tea lovers, Roxane and Frédéric. We find neat and original infusions, most of which come from wild ingredients picked by hand. This human enterprise reveals a soft and powdery universe which comes to life at first sight and reveals itself at the first tasting. Open the mysterious doors of the boreal forest to meet an emotion and a sensation unique to each recipe.

Why did they choose Labrador tea? They offer us to infuse health. Indeed, Labrador tea has multiple benefits. It contains anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibiotic, antispasmodic, antibacterial, decongestant, antiseptic and anti-tumor properties. It is also powerful for working against colds, headaches, heartburn, promoting sleep, relaxation and many other things. In addition to promoting your well-being, it awakens your senses with boreal flavors with its own taste!

Who knows! In our next set of teas, you can taste their different herbal teas!

La boîte à grains : Natural Products & Health!


The Grain Box is a Quebec company offering more than 12,000 natural and organic products. Created in 1980 by Pierre Ménard, La Boîte à grains is the desire to offer natural and health products to live better and feel everyday.
The grain box now has 3 stores in Gatineau, Quebec, as well as an online store to meet the growing health curve.

The Grain Box: Your Health Supermarket h2>Over time, The Grain Box has become THE health supermarket of the Outaouais where you can find a wide range of **natural and organic products**: organic and fair trade fruits and vegetables, gluten-free products and lactose free, vegan and raw products. You can also shop in a **ecological and responsible** way!![logo_bag_rouge_slogan_2017.png](https://tsurprise.s3.amazonaws.com/blog/logo_bag_rouge_slogan_2017.png)La Boite à grains also offers a wide choice of dry food, coffee, spices, medicinal plants, oils, vinegars, household products, food supplements, nearly 12,000 products are referenced! Visit the [online store](https://laboiteagrains.com/) now.Do you have any dietary restrictions, allergies, food intolerances or simply a lifestyle that favors certain foods? You will inevitably find the product that suits you! In addition, thanks to health advisors, you can make an informed choice about your products.Also, for all those wishing to promote the use of organic and natural cosmetics, the Grain Box offers many [cosmetic and body care products](https://laboiteagrains.com/collections/cosmetiques-soins-corporels)In addition, La Boîte à grains also encourages consumers to reduce their environmental footprint by bringing their containers to shop. There are also on-site ElectroBac, recovery bins for small electronic devices.Note that since January 1, 2019, plastic bags for single use are prohibited to give a second life to cardboard boxes.

The Grain Box: A Good Company for You and the Environment h2>La Boite à grains is a responsible company that likes to offer you organic, natural and healthy products while being respectful of the environment!If you have any questions, you can talk to one of the health advisors at 819-771-3000 ext. 221, join their team by email at info@laboiteagrains.com and follow their news by subscribing to our newsletter and via their newsletter. social media including Facebook and Instagram.Come shop online now or meet them in store!

Selftea, traditional and tasty teas without moderation


We love to make you discover new brands of teas, new flavors but especially pretty companies that like us are passionate about tea and wish to share this passion!

Today we wanted to talk about Selftea, a Quebec company that offers a wide range of high quality tea, with no artificial flavors and mostly organic.

Selftea: who are they?

Selftea is a Quebec company that is committed to offering you fine and tasty teas.

Their main mission is to help you get away from stress and succeed in living more peacefully by taking care of your body and mind.

The teas offered are of superior quality and for the vast majority of organic wines.

Finally, if you are passionate about tea, Selftea offers to become a brand ambassador yourself! To find out more visit the site

Selftea, teas and accessories

What are your favorite teas? Whatever it is, you will find it at Selftea!
Find on the website a wide range of white tea, green tea, black tea , but also fruity teas and spicy teas, iced teas, Rooibos, herbal teas... and much more!
Among the accessories you will also find all those needed to prepare your tea: infuser ball, tea spoon, sugar stick, Matcha whisk ..
See you now on site to discover new tasty, original and delicious teas!

Society, for the sake of tea!


In this article we were eager to tell you about Societhé, a tea company specializing in bulk aromatic teas and high-end accessories.

Sociéthé is distinguished by the great variety of these teas but also by its chic and glamorous image!

To learn more about this company or to discover new teas and accessories visit their website (https://societhe.ca/boutique/index.php?route=common/home&tracking=5c42af71583e8)

Sociéthé, teas and unique accessories

Sociéthé finds for you white, black, green teas, infusions and Roobois from all over the world. Anxious to offer quality products, tea unearthed are great qualities and for some are even certified organic!

Finally, in terms of accessories, Sociéthé offers you many and varied that will meet all your needs and your desires!

White, green, black, wulong, roobois ... tea-volon tea

For white tea lovers, discover two very sweet and tasty teas on BAI MU DAN WANG and the YUE GUANG BAI both from China. The sweet and delicate scent of these white teas will offer you a moment of relaxation and relaxation!

Rather green tea? Sociéthé offers a wide range of green tea! Rich in antioxidant iron, vitamins, green tea is your health ally! Vary the pleasures and enjoy green tea in all its forms Matcha tea, Earl Gray and much more!

For the fans of black tea, the still Sociéthé offers a wide range of products each as unique as the others! Black tea is more stimulating than green tea and the health effects are undeniable: helps lower cholesterol, asthma or digestive disorders.

Finally for lovers of roobois, or tisanes, you will not be disappointed to discover the wide selection offered on the site.

Finally for all your tea preparations, find all the essential accessories teaspoon, matcha whisk, teapot and much more ...

Visit Sociéthé now and treat yourself to a dose of happiness!

Hunting partners!

In the T • Surprise team, we like to hunt. Yes, yes, you read well. We are all hunters ... surprises! We love so much to provoke wonder that it has become a fixed idea. We are constantly challenged to find teas, treats, accessories and arrangements that will dazzle our subscribers. To reach our goals, finding partners in the concept or the unique product has become an essential condition.

The process is simple: find a collaborator who, like us, likes to put the eyes and the taste buds. This is called opening the hunting season to partners! This summer, our quest has borne fruit. Two new partners joined our table of surprise stimulators. One is a tea partner, the other a gourmet partner. Their creations are also part of the box of the month under the theme In the comfort of the routine. Allow me to introduce them to you.

The House of Herbs, Hemp and Co. - tea partner

! Coffee-bike-to-the-house-of herbs-first-bike-to-kitchen to Drummondville-2.jpg

In June, Nancy Belval, the first certified sommelier of teas in Quebec and a partner of the Maison d'Herbes, offered us an exceptional tasting with her samples of tea. This is the niche used by this tea house in Drummondville which offers more than 150 varieties of tea in its shop (counter and online). Around the steaming teapot, we were instantly charmed by the subtle and fragrant taste of Nancy's Hemp Cream Oolong Tea. Following the tasting also allowed us to enjoy different teas with exclusive flavors. It is without hesitation that this company, offering a wide range of teas, body care products, food, clothing and accessories concocted by people here, has become a partner of wonders T • Surprise .

Choupette Chocolat - gourmet partner

! CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE Popcorn (1) .png

While the cicada was singing, we knocked on the door of a local company that offers amazing sweet and savory delights: Choupette Chocolat. Combining memories of childhood and sweet madness, the chocolate bars concocted by the chocolate masters Choupette Chocolat are surprising. Mélanie Gigounoux, Business Development Manager, offered to include the Fine Chocolate and Popcorn tablet, an ingenious combination of 48% fine chocolate, popcorn, fleur de sel and maple flakes, in our box of the month. . We said yes. In the comfort of the routine, what better than zany flavors? Better yet, a next box will revisit one of our guilty pleasures: the classic chips and chocolate in the form of a 45% chocolate bar, chips, maple flakes and fleur de sel. In the space of a bite munched in the thin chocolate bar and chips, Choupette Chocolat is a gourmet partner T • Surprise must.

Our hunt for unusual partners is always open! If you have a surprise product to discover to our subscribers, let us know contact@tsuprise.com. The first to take the message will take a little advance on the table of wonders for our subscribers! On your marks…

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