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Les infusions pour soulager l'endométriose

T.Surprise est une entreprise féminine, créée par une femme, Gaëlle, et les employées sont majoritairement des femmes. Nous avons donc à cœur d'aborder des sujets qui peuvent nous toucher et surtout vous donner des trucs et astuces qui peuvent aider à soulager ces maux féminins parfois si douloureux.


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Les infusions santé après une grossesse
Quelles tisanes pour mieux vivre la ménopause

Nous croyons fortement aux pouvoirs des plantes, des infusions, du thé, et pensons qu’elles peuvent être un réel soutien au quotidien. Aujourd’hui on vous parle de l’endométriose, cette maladie inflammatoire si douloureuse qui touche les femmes.

Qu’est-ce que l’endométriose?

L’endométriose est une maladie inflammatoire qui provoque de multiples symptômes:

Des menstruations douloureuses
des douleurs d’ovulation
des troubles digestifs
des douleurs urinaires
de la fatigue
des douleurs généralisées dans tout le corps

Ces douleurs sont exacerbées durant la période des menstruations mais peuvent être présentes dans la vie quotidienne.

Quelques chiffres:

200 millions de femmes touchées à travers le monde
Une à deux femmes en âge de procréer sur dix souffrent d’endométriose
70 % souffrent de douleurs chroniques invalidantes
40 % des femmes atteintes rencontrent des problèmes de fertilité

(Source: Endométriose Québec )


Les infusions pour soulager les maux?

L’hibiscus : soulage la fatigue chronique mentale et physique, favorise la santé gastro-intestinale
La Reine des Prés : apaise grâce à ses propriétés apaisantes et relaxantes
Les feuilles de Cassis : très riche en antioxydants elle aide le corps à surmonter le stress
La camomille : apaise les troubles digestifs, les douleurs menstruelles et l’anxiété
L’Angélique : apaise les troubles digestifs, aide à lutter contre la fatigue, booste le système immunitaire
La menthe poivrée : est connue pour ses propriétés toniques et digestives. Elle soulage les troubles digestifs causés par l’endométriose
La recommandation de posologie de 10 grammes par jour pour aider à soulager les jours où l'on souffre (menstruations, ovulation…). Il est possible de se créer un mélange de plantes vous-mêmes, lisez notre précédent article de blogue pour savoir comment préparer ses propres mélanges d’infusions.

Christmas gift ideas: all our inspirations!

This year again, don't be short of inspiration for your Christmas gifts! Tradition requires, we have concocted a small list of gift ideas to spoil your loved ones, and as a bonus we only offer local products, what more could you ask for?

Tea, tea and more tea!


Are you looking for a gift that will make a splash and that will last? Opt for a subscription to our tea boxes https://tsurprise.com/idee-cadeau-a-offre!

No matter the season, tea can be enjoyed all year round and at T. Surprise we are committed to helping you discover new teas every month, as well as delicacies to savor and a tea surprise!

Each box contains:

4 varieties of tea, i.e. 25 cups
A suprise

We offer monthly subscriptions, every 3, 6 or 12 months depending on your budget and your desires!

Don't wait any longer, offer a T.Surprise subscription, delivery is free anywhere in Canada.

Personalized candles


We fell in love with these beautiful soy wax candles from the Quebec company t.lees. Whatever the occasion, have the candles personalized, in addition to an exquisite flavor, what could be better than a candle that looks like you!

Several scents are available but also pretty gift sets are available, you will be spoiled for choice! https://tlees.co/collections/idees-cadeaux

Body care

Les Mauvaises Herbes offers natural body care, wellness and home products. Find many gift ideas on their site https://les-mauvaisesherbes.com/collections/idees-cadeaux

Beautiful posters

Fall for these magnificent black and white animal posters by artist Marie-Michèle Desmarais drawn in charcoal.

The Nid Atelier, offers you real little gems to decorate a bedroom, a living room, an entrance.

Wines from Quebec


You have wine lovers around you, introduce them to good Quebec wines!

Discover a wide selection of gift boxes offered by the wine box. Choose the box according to your tastes and your budget!

Do you prefer to offer cider or beer or even alcohol-free? Good news, there are many products available on the site, check it out!

Discover the Advent calendar and the T.Surprise Christmas box!

No sooner has Halloween passed than we are already thinking about preparing for Christmas, for our greatest happiness! We are very happy to unveil our beautiful Advent calendar as well as our Christmas box which are available now!

Advent Calendar


To offer or to treat yourself, do not miss our advent calendar of organic teas and herbal teas, which is in limited quantities!

Like children, as December 1st approaches, we can't wait to open our first box and find out what our calendar has in store for us. The Tea Advent Calendar is the perfect place to treat yourself and discover exceptional Christmas teas and gourmet infusions. 24 days of fun and surprises await you. This Advent calendar is a wonder for waiting for an exceptional Christmas Night.
Please note, quantities are limited!

Buy the Advent calendar.

Christmas box

! christmas-box-3.jpeg

Why stop at the Advent calendar when we can also offer you a wonderful Christmas box?
It's back this year: the special holiday tea set!

Take a seat in your armchair and open the box: do you hear the Christmas Tale that escapes from it? Discover the wonderful creations of Christmas teas and infusions, so that the end of the year celebrations are gourmet and magical.
This year, we have concentrated all the festive, generous and friendly Christmas spirit in a selection that smacks of simple and traditional delicacies, while a few bold and resolutely contemporary touches to the teas and infusions of the selection, so that in your cup sounds a big HO HO HO! Let yourself be lulled by the stories of this Christmas Tale unlike any other, make the kettle sing and, around an exclusive tea creation, think about all the festive moments that lie ahead.

This Christmas box is a selection of 4 Christmas varieties.

The box includes:

  • 25 tastings, i.e. one cup each day
  • A sweetness to savor
  • A surprise to prepare your tea
  • This box is a unit purchase, no subscription is linked.

Buy the Christmas box

Give a Christmas box that lasts…. 12 months!


Looking for a gift idea for your mom, mother-in-law, cousin, sister…. We have what you need ! A Christmas box and a 12 month gift card! Isn't it the perfect gift to receive a new surprise every month?
The person will receive the Christmas box and a surprise tea box for 12 months!

The boxes contain:

  • 30 tastings, i.e. one cup each day
  • Sweets to savor
  • Surprises to prepare your tea

Buy a box and a gift card

How to choose your Christmas teas?

The holiday season is the time of year when you most want to enjoy Christmas teas, spicy, velvety and comforting! Cinnamon, fruit peel, cloves, vanilla, are the star flavors of this time of year. Here in this article is a small guide to help you navigate your Christmas tea choices.

Spicy teas

If you like spicy teas, you will like the flavors of chai, cinnamon, orange peel, cardamom, clove etc ...

These teas go perfectly with small dry biscuits, fruits (citrus types), nuts but also dark chocolate!


The Rooibos

Rooibos are infusions, therefore do not contain theine. Rooibos are soft and velvety on the palate. Moreover we had devoted an article to know everything about Rooibos, read it for find out more!

Try our green Rooibos - Christmas story - Exclusive T. Surprise leaf tea

It is a green Rooibos with aromas of hazelnuts and pistachios. This unique tea with a beneficial blend and a delicious treat on the palate.

This organic tea contains ashwagandha root, cocoa chunks and licorice root.


Instructions for use for a cup:

1.5 teaspoon
Heat your water to 90 degrees
Pendant Let infuser 3 to 5 minutes

Green teas

Christmas green teas are lighter and offer sweet, flowery flavors.

Try Christmas green tea T. Surprise - Noël en Provence

This sencha green tea with unique aromas will transport you to the countryside.

This green tea contains thyme, lemongrass, orange pieces and tangerine essence to create a stunning organic tea.


Instructions for use for a cup:

1.5 teaspoon
Heat your water to 78 degrees
Pendant Let infuser 3 to 4 minutes

Our Christmas boxes:

Do you want to discover new teas and are you particularly fond of the flavors of Christmas teas? Get our Christmas boxes

Like a Christmas story
Christmas surprise box

And to spoil yourself before December 25th quickly order our Advent calendar composed of teas Christmas gifts and gourmet infusions.

Christmas gift ideas around tea

Christmas is fast approaching and you are looking for original gifts that will last? Bet on tea and its accessories!

Tea is one of the most consumed drinks in the world! For tea lovers, receiving good teas or even accessories such as pretty cups, teapots or infusers is always a pleasure! That’s why we’re giving you here some Christmas gift ideas that are sure to please!

Give a gift that lasts: a T.Surprise subscription!

Who said Christmas had to last only for one day? By choosing to offer a T.Surprise subscription, you extend the pleasure by 3, 6 or 12 months, in addition to discovering new teas and new surprises every month. Our tea sets are a pleasure to savor and share! Click here to view subscriptions. You can also choose to offer a gift card!

You can also choose to offer our special holiday box including:

  • 30 tastings, i.e. one cup each day
  • Sweets to savor
  • Surprises to prepare your tea


Finally, if you want to spoil yourself or your loved ones before Christmas, give our Advent Calendar you are sure to be happy!
calendrier-avent-2020.jpg calendrier-avent-2020.jpg

Our calendar is made up of 100% organic teas and herbal teas!
This is the opportunity to taste exceptional Christmas teas and gourmet infusions. 24 days of fun and surprises await you, get it quickly!

Bet on tea accessories: a must

To accompany a tea break, nothing better than being well equipped! There are a multitude of tea accessories, moreover we had listed a large number in this article.

Accessoire à thé

A teapot and cup set

Offer a beautiful teapot and cup set will always be a pleasure, and they are essential for all your tea breaks! Porcelain, ceramic, flowers, polka dots ... there are all kinds!


If you are looking for a nice local business, you will fall in love with these beautiful creations made in Quebec, unique and personalized cups and teapots! Visit the store: https://pero-qc.com/

Tea and cookie boxes


To prevent the tea from oxidizing faster but also just for the pleasure of having beautiful boxes, bet on tea or cookie boxes!

How to recognize a quality tea


There are several thousand varieties, in sachet, in bulk, in powder, it is perfect. Unfortunately, they have been transformed and impacted.
In this article we give you some essential points to learn how to recognize a quality tea

Leaves: aspects and freshness h2>The very first one chose to look at these are the leaves (for loose tea)! The leaves will speak for themselves. Here are the points to check:- Whole leaves will be of better quality than cut or broken leaves- They should not crumble to the touch, if they are too old and they are lost in flavor- The leaves must not have stems! If you see that it has not happened- Is the color uniform on all leaves? If it never happened, stop by.- Dust! If you see some traces of dust on those who have stayed too long in the content and should not be consumed

The scent of tea h2>When choosing a loose tea, there is a very strong chance that you want to smell before, and you are right! It is possible to recognize any quality, but do you comment?- The power of smell! Cost and quality are recognized by the power and richness of its scent. If you have trouble recognizing the flavors when you smell it, it means that you have lost in taste, go your way!- Read the list of ingredients and try to recognize the artificial flavors. If you use the chemical coder, it can be heavily transformed.

The taste of tea h2>Surely the most important, the taste of tea! It was probably essential things! If you do not taste your flavors that have been compounded, be it too much, they are very acidic, they are very safe, they are very fresh and lost in quality.Did you know for example that QUALITY black tea even infused 15 minutes will never be bitter! If so, do not drink it.

What are the factors that can affect the quality of tea? h2>

The culture h3>The methods of cultivation of these methods are essential to guarantee a good quality of the tea.The weather also has an important role, even it is difficult to predict a mild weather will be synonymous with quality tea!

The harvest h3>The harvest is of course very important, a manual harvest will be sweet for the leaves and more respectful. It is therefore preferable to choose a name on which is written "pick at home".

The transformation h3>How to oxidize, dry and store the impact on quality.

The preparation h3>Finally the preparation! As we do in this article, be careful not to overheat the water at the risk of burning the leaves, and not to infuse more than what is indicated!

What herbal teas to better experience menopause


As you know now, at T.Surprise, we take a look at all the subjects and try to make your life easier thanks to the teas! Today we want to address the subject of menopause but especially what are herbal teas to drink to better live this period!

Indeed it is quite possible to relieve menopause with natural solutions, even if it does not replace in any case a medical opinion!

Menopause impossible to escape, but relieve it yes!

Menopause is a time in life, for women, that it is impossible to escape. The woman's body changes and has to adapt to her new "status". To make it short, menopause is simply stopping reproductive hormones by the ovaries.

Among the most common symptoms during this period:

Weight gain
Hot flashes
Urinary disorders
Irritability, stress

Herbal teas to be favored during menopause

During menopause, the best herbal teas are:

For weight gain

To limit weight gain, green tea, maté, matcha, guarana are excellent allies. These are not herbal teas since they contain theine, however they are all rich in antioxidants, are diuretics, and appetite suppressants.

Consume 1 to 2 cups a day (avoiding the evening) to make the most of the effects.

For hot flashes

Hot flashes affect the greatest number of women at menopause, the plants that can help are, sage, hop flowers, lemon balm, fumitory and hawthorn.

For urinary disorders and cystitis

In general, drinking water in large quantities helps greatly in urinary disorders, add these few plants and your daily life will be improved:

Heather, birch, bearberry, nettle, cherry tails, horsetail, barley, echinacea, buchu, thyme, nasturtium, raspberry leaves, berries juniper, blueberries, cranberry.

Irritability and stress

To fight against stress, anxiety, all mood disorders, the beneficial plants are: St. John's wort, hawthorn, ginseng, lemon balm, sage, soy, black cohosh.


Finally to find a peaceful sleep, you can test the following plants: Cohosh, chamomile, linden, hawthorn.

Do you have natural remedies to help you in this period? Do not hesitate to share them with us!

See you soon,

How to prepare your tea: dosage, temperature and infusion?


Water temperature, brewing time, dosage of tea ... preparing a good everything is an art, it would be a shame not to know the basic "rules", is not it? Did you know that too hot water can burn leaves or too long a brewing time to develop the bitterness of tea! In this article, find all our tips to succeed for sure your tea!

Assay your tea

The first choice is one of the most important is to know the tea well! It goes without saying, you will be done, the more your flavor will be rich, on the other hand the less leaves will be yours.

To achieve your dosage, count 2 grams of tea for 10 to 15 cl of water, you can also use the spoon for a perfect dosage. Finally, they contain only 2 grams of tea.

Finally in general, for 30 cl of water, count 6 to 8 grams of tea, green, black, white, Roobois ...

Water temperature

The temperature of all its importance in the preparation of your tea, passing through too hot water can burn the leaves and alter the quality of the tea. On the other hand, too cold water does not release the good flavors and aromas.

The brewing temperatures are indicated on the packaging of your teas. Finally, there are kettles to adjust the temperature of the water depending on the type of tea.

The ideal temperatures according to the teas:

· White tea: 70-80 ° C
· Chinese green tea: 70-80 ° C
· Japanese green tea: 50-90 ° C
· Oolong tea: 95 ° C
· Black and matt: 85-95 ° C
· Rooibos: 95 ° C

Brewing time of the tea

In order to perform all its qualities and flavors, it is important to respect the good brewing time. Infuser in the Oolong can stay for 2 minutes, however, it only takes 2 minutes!

· White tea: (1-2 minutes of infusion)
· Chinese green tea: (2-5 minutes of infusion)
· Japanese green tea: 1-3 minutes of infusion)
· Oolong tea: (5-7 minutes of infusion)
· Black tea and maté: (3-5 minutes of infusion)
· Rooibos: (4-10 minutes of infusion)

Did you know the basics of infusion, temperature and dosage? Our essential accessories for preparing your tea

White Tea, black, green, what differences?


Green, white, black ... we are very likely to think that these green, black and white have changed plants, it is a received idea! The camellia sinensis) "Chinese camellia". However, these different varieties vary in their virtues and very specific benefits. What are their main differences and how to choose them is what we will see! Good reading!

Green tea: benefits and virtues

We love to enjoy the old time to them and green. For millennia, green has been used to help heal and soothe ailments!

The perfect the perfect immunity! ** Antioxidant ** par excellence it is also a powerful ** anti-inflammatory *, * antiviral *, * antibacterial ** ... in short you understand, in case of decline of the diet consume one to two cups of tea (scented or not per day).

This is the green is also excellent to help reduce bad cholesterol, a natural way to feel better and help reduce cholesterol in the blood.

Finally, green tea is also known to help ** lose weight **, indeed green tea help burn calories while improving digestive problems!

You understand green is your ally health, well-being and pleasure in everyday life!

Find in our boxes our favorite green teas!

Comfort Pack in the Routine: the green - Japanese Kagoshima Sencha from Zyo Tea House

Box on a Cloud of Rest: Japan Green Genmaicha Yamasaki from Metro Tea

Find your favorite tea set here!

All about black tea

The black tea is also our first, the highest rate of theine among the 3.

The benefits of black tea are numerous and can help to improve various small pains!

Black tea is really appreciated for its ** cardiovascular ** health benefits thanks to its high content of flavonoids (antioxidants). It is also excellent for stimulating ** the brain **.

Finally, black tea can just as green help you in your weight loss **.

The virtues and benefits of black tea are numerous, so that the effects are not frightened by a good cup.

Find our selection of black in our boxes:

Box of Sweet Teas: The fruity and honeyed Taiwanese black of Cha Yi Tea House

White tea, do you have a comment?

After green tea and black .. let's talk about white tea! A sweet, unique and delicious flavor that we like to enjoy at any time of the day. It is the cheapest in theine, its subtle and delicate taste is a treat for the taste buds.

Did you know that ** white is one of the most beneficial ** for health? Yes Yes! Why? Because the theater has a white background, is not available it allows it to keep all its benefits.

White tea is very rich in ** antioxidants *, containing three times more polyphenols, it boosts the * immune system ** and helps maintain health and energy at all times.

Like green tea, white is known to lower bad cholesterol and is excellent for heart health.

Did you know that white is also famous for making beautiful? Thanks to its high antioxidant content, it fights against free radicals and thus protects the aging of the skin. Finally white tea, help maintain white and healthy teeth!

You understand, the white is the one that must stay in his closet! Did you?

Find our favorite white teas in our boxes:

Box on a Cloud of Rest: Strawberry White Tea Zyo Eternal Delight

The green, the black or the white ... you will understand, are unique and many health benefits. Tea is the healthiest and tasty drink par excellence!

At T•Surprise we love it in all its forms! And you?

To discover each month a new selection of teas, subscribe!

See you soon!
Team T•Surprise

Moroccan tea


In Morocco and in countries such as Mali or Senegal, the use of the new is recent. It dates from the eighteenth century and became popular in the late nineteenth with the English. Moroccans are totally conquered by this flavor. It must be said that they already drank a lot of herbs and infusions.

Sultan Moulay Ismael knew this drink. He greatly appreciated the taste, the introduction to Morocco upon his arrival.

Tradition dictates that one gives oneself two trays, a container of glasses of tea and teapots, another container to break, as well as a vial of water of orange blossom.


The slope is at the top right of the air and lather. Do not forget to serve cakes or dried fruit.

For t. Surprise, the green to the ment to the show of the night of a summer. Lying in the sky and looking at the sky ... You can find in our box under hot rays

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