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Our resolutions for the year 2022

The year 2021 is drawing to a close, and we hope it will give way to a better year that we can fully enjoy!
So tradition requires, we have prepared a little end-of-year report and our good resolutions for the year 2022!

Thank you for your trust!

On behalf of the entire T. Surprise team, we would like to thank you for your trust and your subscriptions throughout the year! We are more than happy to be able to introduce you to new kinds of teas and herbal teas each month with gourmet, tangy, fruity, sweet flavors…. More and more of you are subscribing to our monthly packages. And to subscribe, go here https://tsurprise.com/subscriptions

The year 2021 in a few figures:

12 monthly boxes on different themes
48 varieties of teas
12 delicacies to discover
12 surprises
7 special boxes (Christmas, Favorites, Mother's Day ...)

So in a nutshell: THANK YOU!

Our good resolutions for 2022

Take care of yourself!

2021 has been a particularly trying year, difficult to live with with its ups and downs. The pandemic has made us see all the colors and we have often abandoned our energy and our morale. In 2022, even if the pandemic will continue to affect us, it's time to take care of yourself, your mental and physical health, here are some little tips and tricks.

Enjoy the present moment

Take the time to read a good book while drinking a hot tea by the fireplace, cook, meditate, relax in your bath, or even take advantage of your children to have fun and watch them grow up. So many important moments to savor and which are good on a daily basis.

Do not hesitate to turn to books on meditation, or on mindfulness, or how to learn to live in the present moment, find some suggestions by clicking here.

Get back in shape physically

In addition to his mental health, what if in 2022 we took the time to get back in shape physically? This means eating a healthy diet as well as an active lifestyle. No question of running a marathon a week (except for those who feel like it) but why not start with a little workout at home? There are dozens of apps offering home workouts for all skill levels.

Here are a few: https://www.clindoeil.ca/2021/01/10/8-applications-fitness-gratuites-pour-sentrainer-a-la-maison

Eat well and stay hydrated!

A healthy body in a healthy mind, to be in good shape and in particular to fight viruses, it is very important to eat healthy. Fill up on fruits, vegetables, drink plenty of water and don't hesitate to consume teas and herbal teas T.Surprise!

Fill up on recipe ideas [here] (https://www.recettesdici.com/fr/themes/23/pret-en-30-minutes?gclid=Cj0KCQiA8ICOBhDmARIsAEGI6o3WMB45zSGKFarMkhC976I943nfi6E5TKMBZCawdsMcWTC0TCWTC0WTCWTC0TCWTC0tcwtc=swdswtcwTCFarMkhC976I943nfi6E5W7CBZRaWTC0tc will no longer beYmsa=cawds_wTC0TC0 running out of ideas in 2022.

Natural cold remedies

Confinement, deconfinement, mask, hand washing, our habits have changed significantly in the past year. The start of fall and the return to daycare and school put a strain on our immune systems.

Here we give you some natural tips to prevent and fight the small viruses of the cold season.

Anti-cold infusion


Nasal congestion, sore throat, headache, sensation of chills… during a cold or flu period, these symptoms are the most disturbing. To help you relieve them, we offer a 100% natural and highly effective recipe.

The ingredients

3 cups of water
1 lemon
1 cinnamon stick or ground cinnamon
3 slices of organic ginger
¼ teaspoon of cloves
½ tablespoon of organic turmeric
Two pinches of cayenne pepper
Pinch of black pepper
2 tablespoons of honey


Bring the water to a boil and add all the ingredients, mix well and simmer for 10 minutes.

Consume 3 cups a day until symptoms are relieved.

Inhalation and massage with essential oils


Essential oils are particularly effective in helping to relieve nasal and bronchial congestion.

In massage or inhalation, they can help you feel better.

The essential oils to prioritize

Eliminated eucalyptus:

Winter cold specialist! Its antibacterial, anti-infectious and antiseptic properties facilitate respiratory comfort. It will also help you counter the intense fatigue caused by cold or flu symptoms.
Use: Pour 1 drop of essential oil of eucalyptus radiated on a sugar or a spoon of honey. To be consumed 4 times a day for 2 days.


The ultimate anti-viral oil! It fights a runny nose while strengthening the immune system. Ravintsara essential oil promotes the expulsion of secretions from the respiratory tract to help you breathe better!
How to use: Pour 3 drops of ravintsara essential oil in 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil such as sweet almond or jojoba oil. Massage the lower back and thorax. 3 times a day.


The decongestant! Peppermint essential oil will help you breathe easier and fight nasal congestion. It clears the nose, thins the mucus.
Use: Inhalation only! On a paper tissue, pour two drops of peppermint essential oil. Breathe when the need arises, 10 minutes maximum.

A diet rich in vitamins and minerals

To help your immune system fight viruses, eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins.

Take a course of fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamin C such as citrus fruits, orange, pomelo, lemon, kiwi.

Garlic and ginger are great foods to eat during periods of colds. They boost the immune system, are cough suppressants and antivirals. To consume in herbal teas, or to enhance your good meals.

Drink. drink and drink! It is important to drink plenty of water during a cold or flu, at least 1.5l per day. You can definitely add lemon juice to take advantage of the extra vitamins.


Rest, rest and more rest… It is very important to give your body a little respite during a cold period. Take time for yourself, take a good hot bath, read a good book. The more rested you are, the better you will recover!

Nos meilleures idées cadeaux pour la Saint-Valentin

Cette année la Saint-Valentin est assez particulière puisque nous la passons à la maison et avec toute la famille, si vous avez des enfants. Ce n’est toutefois pas une raison de ne pas la fêter, au contraire pensons différemment, célébrons l’amour, à 2 ou avec les enfants profitez-en pour passer un bon moment!

Misez sur un atelier culinaire!


Et si vous choisissiez un bon repas, que vous preniez le temps de le cuisiner pour passer du temps de qualité! Que ce soit juste à deux ou avec toute la famille, rien de tel que de partager un moment en cuisine, de concocter de bons petits plats et de savourer ses propres créations.
D’ailleurs si l’inspiration vous manque ou que vous préférez être guidé, vous pouvez prendre des cours de cuisine en ligne! L’académie culinaire vous propose de nombreuses recettes pour tous les goûts, et la version enfants pour faire découvrir le plaisir de cuisiner à vous petits https://www.cestmoilechef.ca/

Des cocktails ou mocktails maison!


Vous êtes amateurs de cocktails (avec ou sans alcool)? Connaissez-vous les délicieux sirops de Monsieur Cocktail? Vous pouvez vous procurer des boîtes de cocktails et vous n’aurez plus qu’à suivre les étapes pour vous régaler.
Les sirops sont fabriqués au Québec et sont 100 % naturels! Il existe de nombreuses saveurs tout aussi originales et savoureuses les unes que les autres. Le sirop de Licorne, la star des sirops, plaira aussi bien aux petits qu’aux grands! Une super idée de cadeaux à partager et à savourer.

Des coffrets de thés ou de tisanes!


Pourquoi offrir seulement un cadeau? Misez sur un cadeau qui dure dans le temps avec nos abonnements de thés et tisanes biologiques! Chaque mois, offrez ou recevez une sélection de thés et tisanes comprenant 4 variétés de thés, 1 gourmandise, et d’autres surprises! Les thèmes varient tous les mois pour cesser de vous surprendre! https://tsurprise.com/idee-cadeau-a-offrir

Un moment détente

Et si vous offriez à votre moitié un moment détente? Un massage, un bain chaud et relaxant pour prendre le temps de se relaxer.
L’entreprise Écolocado propose une magnifique boîte Spa détente composée de produits québécois pour prendre soin de soi:

Chandelle de soya à l'eucalyptus - L'étincelle de Mtl
Huile essentielle à l'eucalyptus - Marée
Savon argan & eucalyptus - Deux cosmétiques
Lotion corporelle à l'eucalyptus & karité - Deux cosmétiques
Pommade mains & pieds à la menthe & eucalyptus - Savonnerie des Diligences
Gommage corporel hydratant au sel de mer & eucalyptus - BKIND



Small daily actions to do yourself good

January is the time for big resolutions! Each new year is a time for questioning, for resolutions, etc. After a year of 2020 full of emotions, let's take the time to take some time to do yourself some good! In this article we give you some tips for daily actions to feel good.



Have you ever tried meditation? Meditation promotes mental well-being and reduces stress and anxiety. 2020 has been a particularly difficult year and we never need it again. It can be 10 minutes a day, pick a quiet spot, dim the light, and ponder how long it will take you to relax. There are many videos or applications to accompany your meditations.

Pamper yourself


Take a hot bath, get yourself a manicure, a face mask, a hair mask, read a book ... so many little things just for you that are important to feel good, relax and take time for nothing. to one's self

Take a tea break


Put on soft stockings, dress in slack, boil some water, and steep your favorite tea or herbal tea. Enjoy the present moment, and try to clear your mind during this moment. At T. Surprise we are fans of tea breaks to relax, and are convinced of the relaxing benefits, why not give it a try?

Give yourself small gifts

A candle, a body cream, a pretty cup, hair accessories, a candy or even new linen ... from time to time, treat yourself to little gifts that will make you feel good, here is a little list of pretty things to offer, made in Quebec;)

Take a tea break

Put on soft stockings, dress in slack, boil some water, and steep your favorite tea or herbal tea. Enjoy the present moment, and try to clear your mind during this moment. At T. Surprise we are fans of tea breaks to relax, and are convinced of the relaxing benefits, why not give it a try?

Give yourself small gifts

A candle, a body cream, a pretty cup, hair accessories, a candy or even new linen ... list of pretty things to offer you, made in Quebec;)

A candle https://puressence.ca/
A cosmetic product https://bkind.com/
A sweet treat https://lalichee.co/
A nice cup https://pero-qc.com/
A box of tea https://tsurprise.com/
A linen water https://www.maisonlavande.ca/fr/
A very soft sweater https://womance.ca/
A piece of jewelry https://welldunnjewelry.com/

Tea and chocolate pairings


Giving yourself a break is a moment of sweetness and pleasure, so why not make it even richer by adding a few squares of chocolate to your tasting?

Just like cheese and wine, the tea-chocolate pairing is a must! But let's take the time to combine them well without one overriding the other. The mixture must be subtle so that the flavors match perfectly!

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is the one with the most character and power. Depending on the percentage of cocoa it will be even more robust. The dark chocolate when tasted leaves a "sweet bitterness" on the palate.

Dark chocolate goes perfectly with black teas, spicy teas and teas with roasted notes such as caramel for example.

Oolong and bergamot teas will also be an excellent choice to enjoy with dark chocolate.

Finally, the higher the percentage of cocoa, the more it is recommended to choose a strong tea. Conversely, if you choose a mild tea, it is better to opt for a dark chocolate with milder, sweeter aromas.

Milk chocolate

Milk chocolate is naturally sweeter and sweeter than dark chocolate. There is also a large choice of milk chocolate, hazelnuts, caramel, almonds, the list is long ... To enjoy a tea break - milk chocolate, we suggest you choose a green tea, or a weakly oxidized one.
You can also choose any flavored tea, avoid choosing a tea with too sweet flavors which might mask the taste of your chocolate.

White chocolate

White chocolate is so smooth and soft it melts in your mouth! This chocolate is perfect to accompany milk teas, matchas, lattes, smoothies… all milk-based mixtures (vegetable or animal).

You can also enjoy it with a rooibos!

Finally, everything remains a matter of taste! There are no tasting "rules", we offer you the most harmonious pairings, but when it comes to chocolate and tea, it's up to you to choose according to your preferences :)

Boost your immune system before winter


Since winter is coming much faster than you think, we’re going to give you some quick tips to boost your immune system! Simple advice accessible to all, let's go!

Drink some tea!

First tip and not the least, drink tea! Green tea in particular is very rich in antioxidants due to its high concentration of polyphenols, it is also stimulating and energizing, we recommend that it be consumed in the morning and before 3 p.m. to avoid sleep disturbances.

White tea is also very effective in boosting the immune system, it acts against the premature aging of cells and helps maintain a healthy immune system. We recommend consuming tea every time of year, but more during fall and winter (while respecting the maximum number of cups per day).

Eat healthy

People will keep telling us: eat healthy, eat fruits and vegetables, drink 2 liters of water a day, but why? Because we are what we eat! Eat fast food and drink gallons of soda every day and you will see the negative effects on your health very quickly.

On the other hand, if you consume fruits of vegetables and cook varied and balanced recipes which are much better than fast food, your body will thank you. In addition to feeling good about your body, your mind will feel good too: a healthy mind in a healthy body!

Spend yourself

Working out goes hand in hand with a healthy, balanced diet. We live in a fast-paced world and not all of us have time for physical activity. The secret is to choose an activity that we like, and why not take advantage of this moment to do it with friends? Dance, Yoga, Boxing… the choice is yours.
The other option is to practice sport at home, confinement requires, we have all reviewed the way we live and train, there are many applications and videos offering you short, very effective workouts!

Use natural food supplements

If you are sorely lacking in energy, you could turn to pharmacy food supplements, be careful to ask your pharmacist for advice who is the best person to tell you which would be the best supplement according to your needs because the list is long. : vitamin C, Zinc, multi-vitamin, Acerola….

Stop smoking

Our most important advice: stop smoking, we could list all the risks that this entails here, but you should know them. Stopping smoking is the best way to boost your immune system. So when do you stop?

What are the differences between loose tea and tea bags


There is a big difference between loose tea and tea bags! Find out through this article, what are the differences between loose tea and tea bags and why one is better than the others.

Loose tea or in bags?

There is a big difference between loose tea and tea bags, and it's really easy to see it once you put them side by side to compare them.

Loose tea and tea bags contain rolled dried tea leaves. The more whole tea leaves (the larger pieces) you see, the better the quality of the tea.

Loose tea is usually made from whole tea leaves. After the tea leaves are steeped, they will unroll and you should be able to see the shape of the leaf.

Tea bags contain a mixture of whole and cut tea leaves in a pyramid or rectangular shaped bag.

If you open a tea bag, it will be difficult to tell where the leaves are since they are almost crushed.

Loose tea is better quality

Loose tea is of higher quality and has a more pronounced flavor than tea bags, see why:

It is usually made up of whole tea leaves;
The essential oil of the leaf is the source of the tea's flavor;
Whole tea leaves have the most flavor;
Loose tea brewed in water has the most room to expand and unwind, resulting in the best tasting tea.

The tea bags contain good quality tea

Pyramid shaped tea bags are filled with a mixture of broken and whole tea leaves. When the tea leaves are broken, they lose most of their essential oils, resulting in a less tasty tea. The pyramid shape allows more room for the tea to expand, leaving a tastier tea.

Tea bags are useful for making lattes and other drinks where the tea is mixed with other ingredients like cocktails, smoothies etc ...

The tea bags may contain lower quality

Since tea bags contain tea in such small pieces, the essential oils have mostly disappeared. This will lack a more pronounced flavor than is found in loose tea.

Please note that no premium tea is put into tea bags!

Tips 101: How To Make The Best Tea


Use loose tea

If all you add to tea is water, always go for loose tea. This one will be much richer in flavor.

Look at the tea leaves to see how many tea leaves are whole. The highest quality loose teas are those where you can see whole tea leaves - unbroken or crushed.

As a general rule, loose tea is of better quality than tea bags, however it is important to choose it wisely! A tea bag is still a very good choice.

Feel free to use tea bags when making tea lattes or in recipes, they are more than enough.

Don't always use boiling water

Have you ever had really bitter green tea? Probably because it was infused with too hot water. Not all teas should be prepared with boiling water, especially green tea. For more information, read our article on water temperatures for different types of tea.

Water that is too hot can alter the taste of the tea, making it too bitter and strong. Take the time to always inquire about the temperature of your tea water.

Get a kettle with a temperature control

Speaking of water temperature, we highly recommend getting an electric kettle with temperature control so that the water is perfectly heated. This is the must have accessory for tea lovers!

Do not use a tea ball that is too small

As the loose tea brews in the hot water, the tea leaves begin to unroll.

To get the perfect flavor, the leaves need to have enough space to unroll. Do not put them in a tea ball or in a tea infuser that is too small. The bigger the brewer, the better - give your tea leaves some room to unwind.

Use filtered water

We say it over and over again, the best water makes the best tea. The quality of the water plays an important role in the taste of your tea. Use filtered water to make tea whenever possible.

Brew your iced tea in cold water for the best iced tea

We very recently wrote an article on this topic, the best iced tea is the one infused in cold water, read our article to know the secret!

Heat the teapot

Warming up the teapot is something every tea professional does before brewing tea.

Boil additional water, pour it into the teapot, and then throw it away.

This step, unknown to most of us, keeps the teapot warm so that there is not a big difference in the temperature of the water while the tea is brewing.

Cover the teapot while the water brews

Cover the teapot while the tea brews, this helps keep the temperature stable.

If you are brewing tea in a mug with an infuser, be sure to put something on top of the mug so that the water can stay piping hot while the tea brews

Natural facial care herbal


Today we offer an article with 3 recipes natural facial herbal. It is very important to take good care of your face during the summer. Whether you have dry skin, fat, or matured, here are three recipes specially for you.

Facial care for dry and dehydrated skin

For dry and dehydrated skin, it is essential to bring in fat and water! This type of tendencies to shoot, roll, squamble and even to be painful. Particularly fragile dry and very dry skin need special attention!

Here is a simple and very effective recipe for this type of skin with avocado, lemon and honey "Avocado is a fat fruit that nourishes and protects the skin with its vitamins A, B and E. honey is nourishing and sanitizing, while lemon unifies the complexion.

For the mix nothing more simple:

  • Crush the lawyer
  • Add a tablespoon of honey
  • Add a teaspoon of lemon
  • Mix everything
  • Apply to previously washed and dry skin
  • Leave for 30 minutes
  • Rinse and moisturize your skin

That's it!

Facial for mixed grass skin

This second mask is specially designed for mixed grass skin. This type of acne-prone tendencies is particularly fragile and summer and the sun is the number one enemy.
The main problems of grasses is the sebum surprise that makes the skin shiny and blemishes out.

Here is a facial recipe for mixed herbal skin.

The ingredients you will have to:

  • 3 drops of tea tree essential oil
  • 1 tablespoon of jojoba oil
  • 1 egg white (excellent anti-bacterial)

For the mix nothing more simple:

  • Separate the white from the yellow and keep only the white
  • Add the 3 drops HE of tea tree
  • facebook jojoba oil
  • Mix everything
  • Apply to previously washed and dry skin
  • Leave for 30 minutes
  • Rinse and moisturize your skin

Your skin breathes, is mattified and purified

Facial treatment for tired and dull skin

Are you tired, lacking energy? Your skin too and makes it feel, it is important to take care of it and give it a boost. Here is a house mask for dull and tired skin.

The ingredients for the preparation of the mask:
- 1/2 cup hot water
- 1/3 cup oatmeal
- 2 tablespoons of honey
- 2 tablespoons plain yoghurt

For the mix nothing more simple:

  • Mix the hot water with oatmeal. Wait 3 minutes for the flakes impregnated with water
  • Add the rest of the ingredients
  • Mix everything
  • Apply to previously washed and dry skin
  • Leave for 30 minutes
  • Rinse and moisturize your skin

Relieve joint pain with tea


Tea to relieve your pain! Today in this article we explain, why can we have a beneficial effect on your joint pain? Which plants to use? How much to consume per day? What are the long-term benefits?

Ending joint pain

Joint pain can be related to life, despite taking medications that may be essential, you can relieve yourself with the help of natural remedy like plants.

Here are the plants that can help you relieve yourself:

Sencha green tea

Green tea is the ally of your joint pain! Indeed due to a high concentration of polyphenols, it is particularly effective to fight against free radicals and thus reduce joint pain inflammation.

How to enjoy the benefits of Sencha green tea?

drink 3 cups of Sencha green tea a day
Choose a green tea
Heat the water to a maximum of 80 °
Infuse the leaves for a maximum of 5 minutes
Do not add milk, prefer honey to sugar


Turmeric does a lot of talking! And for good reason, this is the "miracle" plant. This plant has many virtues for ailments and especially joint pain.

Turmeric has very powerful antioxidant properties. The active ingredient in turmeric acts on inflammation to preserve joint cartilage. It is a completely natural method for rheumatism.
This medicine has no side effect and is therefore a great natural alternative.

How to enjoy the benefits of turmeric?

Infuse 1 to 2 g of turmeric powder with 3 or 4 grains of black pepper in 150 ml of boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes.
Consume 2 cups a day
We boil a turmeric suspension for 3 min and let infuse 10 minutes

The Meadowsweet

Like sencha and turmeric, Queen of the Close is a plant very rich in antioxidants and has many anti-inflammatory properties due to a high concentration of flavonoids. In addition The Queen of the near containing salicylic acid that would become the ancestor of aspirin and would be very effective in relieving joint pain.

How to enjoy the benefits of the Meadows Queen?

Infuse some queen flowers in a cup of boiling water
Let infuse 10 minutes
Drink 3 cups a day

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