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Unveiling of the tea box : Harmony


Did you expect it? There she is !
Discover the contents of the box of the month of September whose theme was Harmony.


This box will introduce you to new flavors: fruity, acidulated sweet ... Let yourself be carried away by this selection of teas!

Contents of the tea box h2> ![boite-the-harmonie-2.jpg]( Morning Glory Tea Flower Raspberry green tea pomegranate Herbal Tea Green tea Jasmin Black tea with peach and apricot Silicone mug lid with panda Chocolate Fudge

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It stands out from the standard lunch boxes by their original side!

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Unveiling of the box: in the tropics!

We are pleased to announce the July box with the theme Under the Tropics.

Content of the box

  • Lemon verbena tea
  • Tropicoco Fruisane - Chay Yi
  • Caribbean Breeze - Zyo
  • Tea Rooibos Cherry
  • Ice tea
  • Chocolate Marshmallow Banana
  • Teapot shaped cup


A bicycle


T.Surprise offers you an escape in the heart of amazing and amazing teas! Feet well in the pedals, hands on the handlebars, let's leave to discover the surprises of teas and infusions that contains the tea set "To Bicycle"! Let yourself be surprised by authentic flavors, fresh and naturally flowered.

In the tropics


Even if the sun plays hide-and-seek, we put it in your cup. It is summer, so we take the opportunity to relax with a delicious iced tea! Who said that tea was only hot? We propose you a selection that will give you the fishing and the good mood

A multi-vitamin edition


What better month than June to start exploring the universe of tea! Prepare yourself for a joyous and mischievous invitation to chew fruit and savor life! This crunchy, crunchy tea set is ideal for a fruity, multi-vitamin and colorful summer!

Unveiling of the tea box : A Gourmet Sunday


A Sunday under the sign of gluttony. You are gourmet or greedy, this box is for you! This box filled with teas and infusions will be unctuous, fabulously melting. Lemon tart, cupcake and nougatine, exquisite, light, crisp flavors to which you will succumb. Your taste buds will not remain insensitive to these audacious associations!

There is the mischievous gluttony of childhood. A dream to infuse!


The contents of this tea box :
- Earl Gray from Tetley
- Green Tea Apple Cinnamonof Zyo
- Huang-Shan Mao Feng of La Maison de thé Cha Yi
- Wild Black Tea of Mhai Diva
- Rooibos cream caramel of Mlesna
- A drops for teapot
- Lunette of Grondona


Yin & Yang


T.Surprise offers you a spiritual selection under the symbol of Yin & Yang: You are black and I am white, you are the moon and the sun, you are strength and I am sweetness. This selection of teas and infusions will take you to the meeting of symbolics all right come from the country's cradle of tea: China. Let yourself be carried away by these two great energies of Yin and Yang that exist within you!

Unveiling of the tea set: Detox


And if we start the summer with a detox ... Nothing prevents you from taking your little cups of tea .... to prepare your body for the bikini. To us the beautiful with this delicious selection of tea and infusion detox.


The contents of the box:
- Oolong Tea Tie Gan Yin by Zyo
- Spring Tonic from Zyo
- Pu er Lincang Te I of 2006 of the Cha Yi Tea House
- Tea from the Labundor of Comuno-t
- Cleansing wellness tea from Mlesna
- Strawberry-shaped tea infuser
- Ladybugs with milk chocolate praliné

Good tasting!


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