Why incorporate tea into your beauty rituals!

2015/11/21 - Gaëlle

Break your wrinkles with tea as a sword!

Aging should not cause so much panic. However, with all the associated health problems, getting older is a widespread concern. Moreover, with the beauty standards we are bombarding with movies and the media, keeping a young face is a priority for many women - and, more and more, this obsession with youth is also affecting men!

If keeping a smooth and elastic skin is important for you (it is for us!), Industries have made your priorities a livelihood: anti-aging cream, facelift, supplements ... These miraculous promises are expensive and rarely fill the only role they intended to fill.

On the other hand, thanks to its antioxidant, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties, tea restores youth and vigor to your skin. By detoxifying and rehydrating, you'll enjoy soft skin - and all the other benefits of tea!

Bath in the tea

The tea bath is not only a pleasure of relaxation: its detoxifying and revitalizing virtues will also help you to make a beauty, from head to toe! Who needs to go to the spa when you have a bathtub and some tea bags at home? A bath of tea will detoxify your pores and your skin, which will serve to give you a resplendent look. Go a little further and enjoy this unusual moment of relaxation to exfoliate your skin and moisturize you with coconut oil at the end of the bath. Who needs super expensive chemical creams to take care of your skin?

Tea to massage

Anyone who has ever received a professional massage knows that the sensations are not only divine: once your muscles are requinqué, the whole life seems to you more simple and beautiful, and your body rested, free from fatigue, increases your capital beauty. For a long time now, massage parlors have been offering tea cups to clients before or after the session to help their bodies relax and regenerate. However, since we understood the virtues of the application of tea on the skin, tea massages are gaining momentum! The caffeine contained fight against the fat cells, the leaves purifies the skin - in short, the massage experience is a must for any day well-being and beauty!

Dans le thé

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