Healthy with tea: Five healthy reasons to treat yourself to a cup of tea!

2015/12/15 - Gaëlle

Cup of tea

1) Practical Antioxidants

A cup of tea contains ten times more antioxidants than a portion of fruit! Antioxidants help your body regenerate its cells and keep a youthful looking body - with the enhanced health that goes with it!

2) Farewell to fatigue and dark circles!

To improve your productivity and combat your symptoms of chronic fatigue, tea is a great ally! Studies show its effectiveness in keeping you awake and alert, especially when you do not add sugar or milk to your beverage. It has a lot to do with vitamin C, theine and the low dose of caffeine, no doubt!

Moreover, you can reuse your used tea bags by cooling them, still wet, after use. Put them on your closed eyes like slices of cucumbers to relieve your dark circles!

3) A much healthier stimulus than caffeine

But when you have to study or be creative at the office, tea is a healthier way to stay awake than a cup of coffee! The amounts of caffeine are 3 or 4 times less and theine, in higher doses, has this virtue: it stimulates your brain and keeps you alert, without annoying your system and your body.

4) Slimming Drink for a Thin Waist

Tea, with its 0 calories, is a great substitute for juices and soft drinks that are much too sweet. However, that's not all: tea also helps speed up your metabolism and, as a result, allows you to burn calories faster. That will make your diet easier!

5) No more snacking!

The attributes of tea make it a regular drink to help regulate your glycemic index. In itself, it's a great thing for diabetics - and it's great for the rest of the population, too, as it helps prevent sugar cravings and impulsive nibbling.

Dans le thé

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