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Under his tender eyes


Have you noticed the glow of the rising sun of our spring mornings? And these buds already plumper, these days now longer and all these little shoots who jostle one another for a drink of light, do you see them too? If you are like me, you are grateful for these wonders of the new season. Savoring the selection of teas from the box Under his tender eyes, you will discover the brilliance of the eyes a mother who is moved by such a promise of renewal.

  • A selection of 4 to 5 truths of teas and infusions
  • A culinary tasting
  • A surprise

Unveiling the box: Living with love and

Do you hear it? This rhythm of ordinary so regular that today panics. Guess what capsizes me so much and multiplies the beating of my heart? Tea ? Oh yeah. My heart is racing for teas. I am seduced by the notes of chocolate, the scent of roses and the voluptuous infusions. So, for my happiness to be complete, I have prepared a guided box ... by the music of my heart.

The contents of the tea set and infusion:

  • Masala Chai of Terra Coffee and Tea
  • The perfect love of Zyo
  • Tranquilithé of Cha Yi Tea House
  • chocolate pear tasting tea of Lipton
  • Apple green tea Lipton
  • A heart-shaped tea infuser
  • Dolfin fine chocolate

Like snow in the sun


Let yourself be overwhelmed by this sun that announces spring. Let yourself melt like snow in the sun. Go outside after a long cold season! Grab all the sun's rays like promises of good weather! Here's what our selection of March has to offer.

Unveiling of the tea set: Under the stars


Are you waiting for it? There she is !
Discover the contents of the box of the month of January under the theme Under the stars.

This box will make you discover all new lighting flavors. Sit comfortably in our rocket, to taste our selection


  • Darjeeling Magaret's hope of Metropolitain Tea
  • Goddess Chai de Zyo
  • Yinya Mao Jian from Cha Yi's House
  • Rooibos Good Hope by Metropolitain Tea
  • Lovers Leap Orange Pekoe by Metropolitain Tea
  • Repose sachets
  • Côte d'or Chocolate

Live with love and tea


Relaxing aromas, intoxicating scents, delicacies ... In short, a concentrate of serenity and a touch of hand. An enchanted parenthesis to reconnect with his emotions and sensations. Welcome to a world of tenderness where the motto is: LIVING LOVE AND TEA.

  • A selection of 4 to 5 truths of teas and infusions
  • A culinary tasting
  • A suprise

Head in the stars


Take off eminent, destination the stars! T.Surprise offers a lunar selection. Sit comfortably in our rocket, we will make you travel through the constellations.

The Christmas Kingdom


The magic of Christmas sparkles! A sweet moment of sharing! Find the treasures of Christmas, a mix of flavors: spices, cinnamon, orange ... We offer a unique moment to the winter delights.

La Boite à Bonbons

La boite à bonbons was one of our partners in the tea box under the theme Halloween. You can find this box here


Do you know The Candy Box?


La Boite à bonbons is a company that was launched in October 2016 by Sarah and Paul, two candy lovers who want to share their passion with the world. Until today, subscribers have already discovered more than a hundred different candies!

What does he propose?


La boite à bonbons offers a monthly subscription to a box containing four new candies every month. The sweets are selected from the best manufacturers, in order to discover fresh, quality sweets and always tastier!

Unveiling of the tea set: Halloween


Are you waiting for it? There she is !
Check out the content of the October box whose theme was Halloween.


This box will make you discover new autumnal flavors. Let yourself succumb to this selection of teas!

Content of the tea box h2> Divine Bliss Tea Flower of Asiatica Zyo spicy almond herb tea Black Tea Chai Halloween Cha Yi Tea House Whittard Chelsea Decaf Breakfast Tea Maple tea from Mlesna Tea straw "Bombilla" Candies from [La Boite à Bonbons] (https://laboiteabonbons.ca/) ![coffret-the-halloween-4.jpg](https://tsurprise.s3.amazonaws.com/blog/coffret-the-halloween-4.jpg) ![coffret-the-halloween-4.jpg](https://tsurprise.s3.amazonaws.com/blog/coffret-the-halloween-1.jpg)



Awaken your senses, stimulate your mind. Breathe. Infuse. Meditate. Namaste! A tea set and infusion synonymous with well-being.

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