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In my cotton bubble


Finally, one feels a comfortable cocoon to pamper oneself in cold weather. Our clothes are examples, our captivating book and our hot cup of tea. With his divine infusions, our box of the month.

Green Tea - Yinya Mao Jian from Cha Yi Tea House

This beautiful Yunnan green tea is delicate and velvety. Its sweet and sweet flavors blend with subtle aromas of wild flowers, wild herbs, honey and sweet almonds. Low in theine so perfect before the nap of the afternoon.

Oolong tea - Chai de luxe with hemp of the Maison d'Herbes

This Chai is a happy marriage of Indian black tea, cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom, hemp seed and clove to keep you warm. For a total pleasure, dive in a cinnamon stick!

Darjeeling - Classic Namring by Camelia Sinensis

This harmonious Darjeeling tea from India, 1st Flush, caresses our taste buds with its fruity aromas with accents of fresh herbs and spices. This green-tinged classic releases a full-bodied, mineral and salty liquor typical of teas produced from the original seedlings. A pure happiness!

Matcha - Bangoshi

This Matcha Bangoshi is grown in a region close to Kyoto famous for producing the world's finest green teas. Bright green, this matcha will give you a wide experience in the mouth in balance between herbs and sweetness. A wonderful way to start the day in style!

Surprise Gift - Mini Vanilla Bath Bomb

As soon as you put it under the hot water, this bath ball produces an action of effervescence while giving off a sweet smell of vanilla pod to perfume your relaxation break. Handmade in Quebec by Oatmeal, it contains natural ingredients (baking soda, coconut oil, citric acid, phthalate-free fragrance, water

Gluttony - Cinnamon stick

This cinnamon stick will add humpf at tea time. Known for its unique aroma, cinnamon has perfumed herbal tea for more than 4500 years. To be kept dry in an airtight and opaque container.

Like a festive tune, the new tea set for Christmas


We make angels in the snow wrapped in warm clothes. The wind is invigorating and the light is beautiful ... We breathe deeply this fresh air that is good for us thinking of the good that we will make the tea back home.

The Tea House: Cha Noir


The team T • Surprise likes to make you happy and especially to make you discover novelties. We like to surprise you with our excellent teas found in Quebec Tea Houses. In the box of teas Under the Indian summer sky, our taste buds stopped at Cha Noir House of Tea Montreal. Allow me to introduce it to you:

In July, we met Mellanie Thibeault who lent us tea accessories to do our shooting photo shootings. We discovered a delicious tea house with unusual teas. Mellanie offers high quality products at fair and reasonable costs. The team of Cha Noir) is always in search of new flavors, she likes to concoct new teas, herbal teas and desserts.

If you live in Montreal, or you are passing by, go take a walk to have a delicious cup of tea.

Tea box Under the Indian summer

Crédit photo @lanvertdudecor

Already, the leaves change color so this last burst of heat recalls our memories of the summer. Ready, not ready, the days are getting longer. Only our box IN THE SKY OF THE INDIAN SUMMER extends the pleasures of summer!

The Green - The Cha Black](

Inspired by the states of North Africa, this blend is the green of China organic, of the deep health and organic, rose petals and orange peel. An infusion of sweetness for total comfort.

Oolong Tea - Hemp Summer Rain of the Maison d'Herbes

Enjoy this tropical infusion of juicy passion fruit, sweet lemongrass, crisp apple and hibiscus soup. A cup of rain to be solved sing your taste buds under the Indian summer sky

Black Tea - Tea Studio | Nilgiri Coonoor 02 from Camelia Sinensis

This tea with beautiful large leaves offers a classic taste, malted and sweet. The liquor is vibrant and structured like black and generous teas. The nuances of sweet potato and pepper give way to its finish, clear and fine flowery. A perfect treat for harvest time!

Herbal Tea - The Indian Summer of The House of Surprise

Here is an infusion with unique aromas transported to the red landscapes of the Canadian autumn. Contains apple pieces, Labrador flowers, medicinal melissa, verbena and dandelion.

Surprise gift - Oak wool tassels

A pretty oak tassel in felted wool made by Lululalaine to which was added a cord to make a small seasonal decoration. Add a few drops of essential oil to the felted wool to perfume your favorite relaxation areas.

Gluttony - English toffees

Waterbridge Confectionery has created these superbly creamy English caramels that will add fudge to teatime! A small pleasure of autumn to share ... or not!

The teas of the box 'In the comfort of the routine'

Discover the teas in the box of surprise under the theme "In the comfort of the routine". We took up our comforting little habits and reassured cycles of everyday life with our infusions of the month as so many happy rituals

The Green - Japanese Kagoshima of the Zyo

A green rendering that makes alert, that's exactly what we need. With its bright needle leaves grown in the gardens near the Sakurajima volcano in Japan, this tea with iodized and vegetal notes lets pierce the spikes of red fruits to the delight of our taste buds

Oolong Tea - Oolong Cream of Herbs House

Here is an amazing vegetable Oolong tea that combines hemp seeds with high quality tea to get one of the best antioxidants. Very creamy, its butter and natural cream flavors are followed by a long captivating finish to stretch the time between two appointments.

The Darjeeling - Valley of Cha Yi Teesta House

Date of the second harvest season from the Teesta Valley estate, which is comforting and invigorating, has charming aromas of muscat, baked apple, fresh grapes, aromatic herb, cane sugar and dried fruit. A delight harmonized with the routine!

Herbal Tea - Tea Four O'Clock Mint Chocolate

A retro-nostalgic mix of chocolate and fresh mint, this is a perfect combination to make your taste buds happy on the road to school and work. An infusion of cocoa, carob, chicory, peppermint and licorice that gives pep under the September sun. Without theine or caffeine.

Surprise gift - Mini notebook

A small notebook in convenient format that slips into the pocket or bag to the main question of not forgetting anything in the madness of everyday life!

Gourmandise - Choupette with fine chocolate and popcorn

Choupette Chocolat offers you a moment of pleasure to share without any guilt. With a cocoa content of 48%, a popcorn tablet contains a flakes of flowers and a fleur de sel for an exquisite sweet and savory taste experience!

The tea set Under the Indian summer sky


Already, the leaves change color while the last burst of heat recalls our memories of summer. Ready, not ready, the days are getting shorter. Only our box IN THE SKY OF THE INDIAN SUMMER extends the pleasures of summer!

An unexpected surprise to assist you in this box! You can taste the first tea we have developed!

Gaëlle discovers the tea the first time


"Discover a cloud of flavors ... That's what happened to me on a hot summer's night as I jumped together in my twenties. Invited by my lover's parents for an evening meal, the discussion is lively. As usual, everyone discusses and exposes their point of view. The atmosphere is light. Once again, his mother offers me a cup of tea to close the meal. Reflexively, I'm about to refuse and then change my mind and finally accept his offer. "I'm fine. This will be my second cup of tea for life. The first, a mint tea drunk after a trip to the Moroccan desert, did not particularly please me. The teapot is placed on the table. Yellow. The smell of tea that infuses is nice. A slight scent of rose floats. The taste will be the ally of the smell. I hope so. I am served. The cup and saucer are matched and drawn from the collection of a great-grandmother of British origin. I taste. First of all, lip service. A green tea with intoxicating pink that manages to make me smile. I enjoy this tender moment and let myself be rocked by the discussions. Today, I'm rocking you. "

Good tea!


When Marie-France goes to discover the tea


"To discover the tea ... That's what happened to me on a winter afternoon when I was seven years old. Buried and forced to pajamas and cuddly toys, my grandmother brings me a cup of Orange Pekoe tea with a hint of honey. Astonished, I first check that the flowery porcelain cup is good for me. "Yes, my grandmother confirms, it will do you good. As she said true! Here I am regarded as a great. I enjoy tea as a nectar previously forbidden. I like the taste. His warmth comforts me. Besides, my sore throat seems to be submitting to the superiority of my hot drink. I am well, relaxed and happy to access this little luxury. This moment is engraved forever in my memory. The rest is woven of exploration and discovery. Tea, as a second nature, accompanies me from morning to evening, on a trip, week or weekend, alone or with friends. Today, it is with you that I share it. Good tea! "


Like a bouquet of flowers


Offering flowers or receiving them, summer splashes us with its vibrant colors, the wind is warm, the smell of earth and budding flowers carries us. A keyword: rainbow.

Big changes for 2018


Hello to you dear friends of T∙SURPRISE,

I introduce myself, Gaëlle Klein, entrepreneur mother, globe-trotter to the insatiable curiosity and captivated by the electronic commerce. It is with this passion in my heart that I embarked on the adventure of T∙SURPRISE 2 years ago.

Today, I am satisfied when I prepare hundreds of tea sets for you. I often imagine you during the maneuver. You who are excited about receiving your box and who have marked the calendar so as not to miss the mail. You, too, who had forgotten this subscription and who discover it as an unexpected gift on D-Day. You who have offered it to a loved one and who can not wait for them to receive the package to share its content with you. You who have been subscribed since the first day and inspire us month after month ... You are so precious to me, did you know?

If I take the time to write to you, it is because many of you wait for your monthly box and that since a few weeks, our team works very hard to be at the height of your waitings and to continue to surprise you. Thus, I associated myself with another entrepreneur mom also fervent discoveries: Marie-France Gaumont. With her passion for travel, tableware and communications, Marie-France will add a magical touch to our team. Between us, we are committed to creating unexpected moments and allowing you to dive into the universe of tea.

During this turn undertaken by T∙SURPRISE, you will be regularly solicited to give us your opinion and your appreciation. Be part of our community of followers by sharing your experience as often as possible.

Looking forward to reading you soon.


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