What tea for his mental health?

2022/01/16 - Clothilde

We have been talking to you about the health benefits of tea for years, you can also find some articles on our blog:

Today we are talking about the benefits of tea on mental health. Indeed, in addition to the many physical benefits, tea is a valuable resource to support your mental health throughout the year.

Why tea is good for health?

Question that we will never tire of answering since tea is good for your health thanks to its various beneficial compounds.

Tea contains an amino acid, L-theanine (mainly in green tea but also in lesser amounts in black and white tea).

This amino acid helps reduce stress and promotes a calm and relaxed mental state allowing you to relax.

Tea also contains a very high content of antioxidants, called polyphenols:

  • Catechin: antioxidant found in green tea
  • Flavonoids: present in large quantities in green, black or white tea
  • Theaflavin: present only in black tea

Antioxidants reduce the risk of the occurrence of several pathologies and thus protect our body against free radicals and thus prevent certain diseases and various ailments:
- Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
- Prevention of certain cancers
- Cholesterol reduction
- Acceleration of metabolism, help in weight loss
- Diabetes prevention
- Support for gastrointestinal health
- Oral health protection
- Support neurological abilities
- Promotes sleep
- Reduces stress and fights anxiety

À la découverte du thé

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