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Herbal teas for better sleep

Do you want to fall asleep more easily without going through medication? Plants are your allies to help you fall asleep in a completely natural way. Find in this article the main plants that you can use in infusion, in the evening when you go to bed.



Chamomile is full of incredible virtues: helps digestion, strengthens the immune system, relieves sore throats, reduces anxiety and above all it promotes sleep.

Its relaxing action provides a real feeling of well-being and appeasement, which helps promote sleep.

Have a cup of one hour before going to bed.


Verbena is also one of the plants that have a beneficial effect on falling asleep. Indeed, it acts mainly on stress and anxiety and brings calm, appeasement and fullness allowing you to fall asleep more quickly.


This plant is not well known but has benefits against nocturnal awakenings. It will help you fall into a deep sleep for the whole night.
Native to the United States, it has garbaergic properties. It is also very rich in alkaloids, which gives it an analgesic action and can help reduce minor ailments.

To prepare: Put 15 g of aerial parts of California poppy, 15 g of aerial parts of passionflower and 15 g of hawthorn flowers in a liter of simmering water. Leave to infuse for 10 to 15 minutes. Drink 2 cups at the end of the day for 3 weeks.


Lavender is one of the star plants for reducing stress and anxiety and bringing calm and zen. Consume it in the evening to relax and get a good night's sleep. You can also diffuse it around the house with an essential oil diffuser for even more results.
To learn more about lavender tea, click here.

Lemon balm

Lemon balm is the plant of stressed out adults and adults alike who need simple, natural remedies to reduce their daily anxiety and find sleep more easily.

Can we combine the different plants for more efficiency?


YES! First of all, know that there is no contraindication to consuming several herbal teas from different plants. The important thing is not to over-consume them, everything is in moderation.

If you suffer from several ailments such as difficulty falling asleep and you suffer from anxiety, then you could drink lavender herbal tea (for stress) combined with chamomile or verbena herbal tea to promote sleep.

Drink a maximum of 2-3 cups per day. In addition, be careful not to consume tea before bedtime, as tea containing theine may cause more sleep disturbances.

Tea vs Coffee: what to choose

Tea vs coffee, the eternal fight! Tea and coffee are the most consumed drinks every day in the world! We often talk about the harmful effects of over consumption of tea or coffee but also the benefits they can bring. A large number of people like tea as well as coffee, but what is the favorite drink and why? In this article we propose to compare these 2 drinks, negative and positive aspects, we tell you everything!

Coffee: the pros and cons h2>![tea-vs-cafe1.jpg]( will not hide it, drink a good coffee in the morning to wake up nothing better is not it? We are convinced that coffee is the perfect fuel to start a new day! In addition, just like tea, there is a great variety of coffee, fruity, spicy, vanilla or chocolate, a real treat for our palate.Black, or accompanied by milk, sugar, latte or cappuccino, you can decline your coffee at will!

Coffee, the good things: h3>- Coffee is very rich in antioxidants- Coffee decreases age-related memory impairment and improves long-term memory;- It reduces the risk of cancer of the mouth, pharynx and esophagus and skin- Coffee has a positive effect on migraines- It helps fight against constipation- It is a mental and physical stimulant

Coffee, the negative aspects: h3>- may increase high blood pressure- makes the aorta more rigid when coffee is associated with cigarette consumption;- can increase cholesterol levels;- negatively affects the quality of sleep and agitation

Tea: the pros and cons h2>![the-vs-cafe.jpg]( tea, we do not like it we love it and this in all its forms ...There are so many different varieties that it is also impossible not to find one to his taste!

Tea, the positives: h3>- the wide variety of varieties and tastes!- powerful antioxidant- helps reduce bad cholesterol- helps reduce stress- promotes digestion and reduces transit problems- lowers blood pressure- destroys viruses and bacteria- helps maintain beautiful skin and healthy teeth- help with weight loss

Tea: the negative aspects h3>- consumed in excessive amounts, it can cause constipation;- It can increase the heart rate in case of overconsumption- It slows the absorption of certain minerals, such as iron, which can cause anemia- Like coffee, it can make brown spots on your teeth- It can prevent a good sleep if it is consumed too late in the daySo which team do you belong to? More tea or coffee? Anyway, to make the most of the benefits of each, the basic rule and consume them in moderation! Do not abuse good things :)See you soon!

My detox day after holidays


The holiday season, the time of the hearty meals, chocolates ... Have you enjoyed these magical moments, have you eaten well? Ate too much ? Opt for a detox day before the last big meal of 2017: New Year's Day!

Give your body a break!

First of all, you need to know that the idea of ​​a detox day is not to starve on the contrary, the goal is to avoid throwing on the entirety of his fridge the next day! A detox day aims to give some rest "digestive" to his body. Your stomach, your liver, worked at full speed during the holidays, it's your turn to pamper them! Today we accompany you in your day detox - smoothies with vegetables and fresh fruits.

Purpose of a detox:

-Remove toxins from your body (not just those accumulated during Christmas)
-Rehydrate the body
-Regain energy
-Improve the complexion
-Booster the immune defenses

Foods to eliminate and favor for a detox day

For this detox day, try not to do sports demanding too much energy to the body like boxing, athletics, bet more on a yoga class, pilates ...

Which foods eliminate / avoid the day of your detox?

-Sugar, prepared and refined products
-Viandes and dairy products
-Soda, coffee, sweet drinks
-Saturated fats
-Starchy foods
-The alcohol

Which foods to focus on?

-Water, green tea, herbal teas
-Fresh fruits and vegetables
-The condiments: use condiments to cook and give flavor to your food. Coriander and parsley help detoxify the liver

During your detox day, do not forget to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water. Vegetables can be eaten raw or cooked, be careful not to overcook them to avoid losing vitamins and minerals. Finally, rest, or practice a gentle physical activity!

My detox day

Start the day by drinking hot water with squeezed lemon juice to help with digestion and detoxification. The detox program consists of 5 smoothies made from fresh fruits and vegetables.

1. Smoothie boost (mix the following ingredients), for a vitamin C explosion!

-1 white grapefruit
-1 granny smith apple
-2 kale cabbage handles
-5 mint leaves
-Add 100ml of filtered water

2. Avocado Smoothie Rich in Vitamins K, C, B and E

-1 lawyer
-Lime juice
-2 sprigs of parsley
-1 granny smith apple
-5 mint leaves
-½ cucumber
-1 small bunch of white grapes
-300 ml filtered water

3.Broccoli-Watermelon Smoothie Rich in Vitamins

-4 branches of broccoli
-250g of watermelon
-3 radishes
-100ml of coconut milk

4. Green Smoothie Good for the Brain

-1 teaspoons spirulina powder
-2 spinach handles
-1 granny smith apple
-½ cucumber
-4 sprigs of parsley
-100 ml filtered water

5. Comforting and stimulating Milk Smoothie

-100g of cashew nuts
-1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder
-2 medjool dates
-1 teaspoon agave syrup

Don’t forget to drink all day long!

Finally, the most important thing is to listen to your body, if you feel the need to eat during the day, do not hesitate, just avoid throwing yourself on a fried burger!

Hoping that you enjoyed this program!

Drink tea during pregnancy, good or bad idea?


No matter the season of the year, tea is savored, hot or cold, black, green or white, we love it in all its forms! Particularly moisturizing, tea is an excellent source of antioxidants and includes many other virtues.

For more information about tea benefits, read our previous post « The benefits of Matcha tea ».

Finally, to disentangle the truth from the false, read our post on the 5 received ideas about tea!

Here is an article dedicated to future mothers ☺

As you already know, during pregnancy many drinks and foods are banned or discouraged. Unfortunately teas are part of the food to be consumed in moderation to avoid certain deficiencies such as iron.

Tea during pregnancy, good or bad idea ?

Tea contains caffeine, which decreases the absorption of non-heme iron (of vegetable origin). Tea, (just like coffee) is an existing one, it's not totally forbidden to consume it ,simply, it's advisable not to exceed 300mg per day.

Green tea, consumed in large quantities, could reduce the absorption of folate (folic acid) in the body. So this one is to reduce to the maximum during the pregnancy not to impair the development of the baby.


  • A cup of black tea (about 250ml of water) contains about 50 mg of theine
  • A cup of green tea contains about 30 mg of theine

Iron requirements are essential for pregnant women, particularly for the transport of oxygen.

Tea consumption during pregnancy

During pregnancy, it's preferable to consume tea without theine such as red tea or herbal teas (check composition and contraindications). However, if you can not do without a good cup of tea, be sure to consume it outside meals to not limit the absorption of iron, consume at least 1 hour before or after the meal (in reasonable quantity) .

For women who don't consume meat (vegetarian) it's important to follow this recommendation because the lack of iron can be even more important because of the lack of iron from animal proteins.

Limit the negative effects of iron deficiency during pregnancy

Vitamin C is an excellent alternative for increasing the absorption of non-heme iron. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables that are good for you and your baby!

For tea addicts, you can consume a small cup of tea with a drop of milk and lemon (containing vitamin C).

Finally, avoid adding too many sugars in your tea that has consequences on weight gain

Did you know?

Many brands of tea now offer tea ranges for pregnant women, you can especially find in organic grocery stores, pharmacies ... Be careful! It's better to always seek the advice of a professional not to take Risks!

Talk with cup of tea

Cup of tea

When talking about tea Accessory, talking about a teacup is obvious, unmistakable, it even creates expressions around the subject ("It's not my cup of tea") whose origin is then forgotten.
Yet, there are several characteristics to that cup of tea! Its forms and materials have evolved since the first models were fashioned in clay, a marvel of Oriental pottery dating back centuries before the year 0.

The Japanese and Chinese tea cup

Chatting around a cup of tea
It is often said that the cup of tea we know was developed from that of the East. Now the teacup as conceived in Asian territory is very different from what we know. First, it is very small, tiny in front of our modern coffee mug and thermos. At most, China tea cup contains 30 ml of liquid. This means pouring often - but also that the tea cools faster.

Another feature of the Oriental cup of tea is that it does not possess a handle. No handle to gracefully lift the cup between two pinched fingers. Apparently, this absence would have a practical function: that of checking, without burning the tip of the tongue, if the tea is cool enough for drinking. If you cannot hold the cup without burning yourself, it is obvious that it is better not to soak our lips in it! Patience, patience.

In the European Far West (and soon the rest of the world):

If the Oriental antiques teacups (or rather, tea bowls!) were fashioned from ceramic or porcelain, the historical records are uncertain about the biggest influences on the famous English tea. Inspired by Asia, Europeans first drank from these tea bowls without handles, the handles came later. Others say that the French already drank their tea in cups of wood. When tea became popular among the British, it was the rich who were privileged, and so appeared the pretty china cups with delicate flower motifs.
Today, these traditional cups are always used, each attracting different tea lovers. Daily, tea drinkers do not hesitate to infuse tea in the first cup that falls into their hands. But for ritual or collection, a typical cup always produces a striking effect.

Healthy with tea: Five healthy reasons to treat yourself to a cup of tea!

Cup of tea

1) Practical Antioxidants

A cup of tea contains ten times more antioxidants than a portion of fruit! Antioxidants help your body regenerate its cells and keep a youthful looking body - with the enhanced health that goes with it!

2) Farewell to fatigue and dark circles!

To improve your productivity and combat your symptoms of chronic fatigue, tea is a great ally! Studies show its effectiveness in keeping you awake and alert, especially when you do not add sugar or milk to your beverage. It has a lot to do with vitamin C, theine and the low dose of caffeine, no doubt!

Moreover, you can reuse your used tea bags by cooling them, still wet, after use. Put them on your closed eyes like slices of cucumbers to relieve your dark circles!

3) A much healthier stimulus than caffeine

But when you have to study or be creative at the office, tea is a healthier way to stay awake than a cup of coffee! The amounts of caffeine are 3 or 4 times less and theine, in higher doses, has this virtue: it stimulates your brain and keeps you alert, without annoying your system and your body.

4) Slimming Drink for a Thin Waist

Tea, with its 0 calories, is a great substitute for juices and soft drinks that are much too sweet. However, that's not all: tea also helps speed up your metabolism and, as a result, allows you to burn calories faster. That will make your diet easier!

5) No more snacking!

The attributes of tea make it a regular drink to help regulate your glycemic index. In itself, it's a great thing for diabetics - and it's great for the rest of the population, too, as it helps prevent sugar cravings and impulsive nibbling.

After Cleopatra's donkey milk bath, the tea bath

The end-of-day sweetness you deserve

The suggestion seems straight out of an exotic spa. Chocolate massage, tea bath, pine sauna room ... Yes, without a doubt, we would not be surprised to see a green tea bath formula appear in the program of a day detox and well-being!

Besides, what would prevent us from letting one of these baths "good for the body and for the soul" sink at the end of a long day? A good bath has always been a privileged way to unwind and relax. Only, instead of putting foam on it, you'll put five or six bags of green tea this time! Fifteen to twenty minutes of waiting will be necessary.

In case you wonder why:

A cocktail of antioxidants and detox to tame, inside and out!

Green tea does not have a good taste and a good effect on your digestion and your cells: it also contains a ton of antioxidants helpful that help keep your body young and healthy. This goes for your skin too! Not only does its properties help fight wrinkles and the harmful effects of the sun: a green tea bath will also help you relax your sore muscles and accelerate the healing of certain sores and wounds, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

In addition, the green tea bath will allow you to revitalize your skin! With the detoxifying effects we love so much, tea cleanses your skin deeply and restores radiance to your pores and elasticity to your skin. In addition, the vitamin B contained in the tea will soften your skin - and your worries! Because, little more sweetness, tea in general is known to lower the levels of cortisol - and therefore, by extension, stress. We open a bottle of red and relax!

Goodbye wrinkles: Drink to your health and your youth!

Of all the benefits of tea, one of the most surprising is perhaps its anti-wrinkle effect. After all, as it is a beverage that is ingested and slowly making its way into our digestive system and, subsequently, into our system and our metabolism, it is easy to understand that tea benefits our "temple and its effects on our health are multiple.

But how does drinking tea delay the formation of wrinkles - or reduce the crow's feet that we already have?

Not just a drink!

Surprise! Those who praise the benefits of tea do not boast that ritual and ingestion after a meal. Although you have already put wet tea bags on your eyes to clear your dark circles, you probably already knew.

 Numerous researches, both on animals and on humans, have shown that the topical application of tea reduces the harmful effects of the sun on the skin. And tea has not only pleasant after-sun effects: it has been proven that tea provides UV protection. This can be effective on days when you forget your sunscreen!

The secrets of an elixir of youth

What are the mechanisms of this anti-wrinkle effect? The answer lies in the many properties of tea. In general, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories are the most common "workers" of youth, and they are legion in your cup of tea!

Let us also note that the phenomena attributed to old age are related to a certain dehydration of the body. The cells lose their water and elasticity at the same time, so wrinkles are formed. This is why moisturizing creams are the usual anti-wrinkle formulas and this is partly why the sun has an aging effect.
But tea is also very moisturizing! By drinking your tea daily, you allow your body to regenerate deeply.

Why incorporate tea into your beauty rituals!

Break your wrinkles with tea as a sword!

Aging should not cause so much panic. However, with all the associated health problems, getting older is a widespread concern. Moreover, with the beauty standards we are bombarding with movies and the media, keeping a young face is a priority for many women - and, more and more, this obsession with youth is also affecting men!

If keeping a smooth and elastic skin is important for you (it is for us!), Industries have made your priorities a livelihood: anti-aging cream, facelift, supplements ... These miraculous promises are expensive and rarely fill the only role they intended to fill.

On the other hand, thanks to its antioxidant, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties, tea restores youth and vigor to your skin. By detoxifying and rehydrating, you'll enjoy soft skin - and all the other benefits of tea!

Bath in the tea

The tea bath is not only a pleasure of relaxation: its detoxifying and revitalizing virtues will also help you to make a beauty, from head to toe! Who needs to go to the spa when you have a bathtub and some tea bags at home? A bath of tea will detoxify your pores and your skin, which will serve to give you a resplendent look. Go a little further and enjoy this unusual moment of relaxation to exfoliate your skin and moisturize you with coconut oil at the end of the bath. Who needs super expensive chemical creams to take care of your skin?

Tea to massage

Anyone who has ever received a professional massage knows that the sensations are not only divine: once your muscles are requinqué, the whole life seems to you more simple and beautiful, and your body rested, free from fatigue, increases your capital beauty. For a long time now, massage parlors have been offering tea cups to clients before or after the session to help their bodies relax and regenerate. However, since we understood the virtues of the application of tea on the skin, tea massages are gaining momentum! The caffeine contained fight against the fat cells, the leaves purifies the skin - in short, the massage experience is a must for any day well-being and beauty!

54/5000 Stop nibbling with your cup of tea!

In another of our articles, we discussed the subject of tea as a slimming supplement. As tea helps the metabolism to burn fat and serves as a low-calorie substitute for other drinks we sometimes like too much, it is not difficult to appreciate tea for its slimming virtues. But did you know that tea also helps fight against snacking?

By what kind of magic, will you ask us? Let's see.

Regulating your appetites: tea to the rescue

The short answer to your question is found in Green Tea's EGCGs, which help lower the level of glucose in your body and improve the circulation of insulin in your blood. It's great for diabetics, but what does it mean to you? Well, by stabilizing your glycemic index, you avoid the sudden surges of sugar in your blood - these glucose surges are responsible for your sudden cravings for snacks and unhealthy foods. By keeping your sugar level at a regular level, tea allows you to better control your appetites and impulses to vending machines!

In addition, among the diuretic virtues of tea, we find this little gem: tea apparently promotes the production of satiating hormones. In short, an appetite suppressant effective against nibbling!

Avoid the bad habit of snacking without thinking while preparing your tea

Unfortunately, we can not say that snacking is always (or even generally!) A result of hunger. There are many people who nibble because they are bored or out of habit - when they come back from work, it's the snack bar, and before the dodo, the choco bar. Each one's rituals, but any ritual is not good for the line!
However, the preparation of tea is a ritual in itself and will give you the opportunity to stop for a moment and think, rather than act mechanically, under the influence of stress or boredom! By giving you a moment to refocus (and perhaps even socialize with family or colleagues), you may find that you are not hungry at all and that your cup of tea is enough for you as a break!

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