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Black tea, green tea ... do you know all types of tea?

The different types of tea

Although originally all the different teas come from the same plant, the tea plant, there is a huge variety of teas to taste.

The best known is of course green tea, but others like white tea or black tea are also unique and appreciated around the world.
T-surprise offers you the chance to try this variety wherever you are!

Our selection includes so far:

But what is the difference between these different types of teas and infusions?

The teas

The different types of tea

 White tea comes originally from China but also from other Asian countries. Tea leaves undergo the least transformation compared to other teas. Green tea undergoes slightly more oxidation during its preparation. It is generally recommended for digestive disorders as well as for the elimination of toxins.
Oolong is very popular in Asia, without bitterness, although very close in terms of black tea preparation: the more the oxidation increases, the closer it gets to the latter. Black tea, on the other hand, undergoes a complete oxidation and can therefore be kept for several years without losing flavor or freshness!
Pu'erh tea is produced from the leaves of a variety of tea plants growing in a province in southern China. This type of tea is unique in that not only can it be consumed several years after its manufacture, but the flavor due to post-fermentation improves even with time.


The different types of tea

Maté is a traditional infusion of South America but has spread especially in the Levant countries such as Syria and Lebanon. It is prepared in a special container where the leaves are carefully added until it is filled, then shaken to separate fine particles. This is after the hot water is added and the infusion begins.

The Rooibos although nicknamed red tea is also an infusion, whose leaves come from a shrub growing only in South Africa. It is usually drunk with milk and sugar and its infusion lasts about 10 minutes. Its antioxidant functions are justified to cure allergies, digestive disorders and even sleep disorders!
With regard to infusions, it is their method of preparation that distinguishes them from other types of teas. In general, the leaves are added in boiling water and left for a few minutes. The liquid is then filtered and consumed before it cools.

Ice Tea or Ice Tea

Yes, even tea can be a refreshing drink! Iced tea is, as its name implies, made of cold tea served with ice cubes. In some countries milk or sugar is added, but the most common is with mint or fruit flavored syrups.

And you, what types of teas have you ever tried? What is your favorite?

T•Surprise, the surprise box of teas and infusions

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