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The health benefits of drinking tea

For over 4000 years, drinking tea has been a commonly suggested remedy for curing some illnesses and pains. From colds and headaches to helping with digestive problems, tea can be an excellent natural cure for various ailments we suffer from in our daily lives. Here are some benefits that come from drinking tea you may not have known about:

It reduces the risk of heart attacks, strokes and Type II Diabetes

Studies have shown that daily tea drinkers have up to a 20% lower risk of getting a stroke when compared to non-drinkers. Drinking tea has been also linked with reducing the risk of heart attacks as certain compounds help lower LDL cholesterol levels.

A Type II Diabetes patient’s main problem is with insulin sensitivity that causes blood sugar levels to go up. Tea helps increase this sensitivity, thereby improving the metabolism of sugar. It is also an excellent way to help prevent Type II diabetes in the first place.

It helps your brain fight off degenerative diseases.

Drinking tea is great to keep degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or dementia at bay. Polyphenols, the chemical compounds found in your tea, will increase your concentration and focus all while stimulating the parts of your brain in charge of memory and learning.
It helps protect your body from cancer

Some studies are showing that the antioxidants available in tea, and in particular green tea, can help protect your body against a number of various cancers such as breast, lung or even prostate. Components found in tea might also help decrease the negative effects of smoking on your lungs and skin. While it’s not a cure and definitely not an excuse to keep smoking, it can increase protection against cancerous cell formation.

Your teeth and bone will thank you for it

The health benefits of drinking tea

Bone density and strength has been found to be at higher levels for people who regularly drink tea. Also, tea contains fluoride and tannins which are excellent in fighting plaque build-up, the number one cause of cavities and tooth decay.
It’s ideal for weight loss

The antioxidants found in your tea will help your body stimulate the metabolism and the fat burning process especially in the abdominal area. Regularly drinking tea can help you lose those few annoying centimeters in your waist line. Furthermore, tea is calorie-free so you can enjoy your cup without worrying about your calorie count… that is unless of course you add sugar or sweeteners. Another benefit of tea is the increased physical performance: with fat being burned into fuel for the body, energy levels will go up as well as muscle endurance.

It boosts your immune system

The health benefits of drinking tea

Wonder why a cup of tea is always recommended when you have the flu? Research has shown that tea will help your immune system fight off infections. Tea can also help reduce the effect of pollen and seasonal allergies as well as arthritis related inflammations.
It’s a great weapon in the anti-aging battle

Despite containing caffeine, tea has been linked with providing the needed elements to keep your skin hydrated. On another note, drinking tea helps fight off spikes in cortisol, the stress hormone, that also has a direct effect on your skin aging process and belly fat.

There you have it! Time to put that kettle and enjoy the many health benefits of your cup of tea!

The different forms of tea

Tea can be prepared in different ways depending on the form in which it is purchased. Some people still prefer loose tea, while others prefer tea in tea bags, especially because of the ease of use.

Loose tea

Bulk Tea

The advantage of loose tea, especially for connoisseurs in the field, is the quality of taste and aroma superior to that of tea bag. Also, the choice is much wider and varied: colors, country of origin, aromas ... you will find everything. You can also experiment with different flavors to obtain exquisite blends. For many, making tea in bulk is a real pleasure! However, you must be careful to know the method of preparation, the duration of infusion and the amount of leaves to add, otherwise the result will not be optimal. The duration of infusion, for example, depends directly on the size of the tea leaves. A good teapot with a filter, which can be integrated or separate, disposable or reusable, are essential to any tea preparation in bulk.

Tea in a bag

Tea in a bag

The easy and fast preparation make tea in sachet a favorite for everyday life. After bringing the water to a boil, all you have to do is infuse the sachet and throw it away. Unfortunately, and especially in the case of major brands, the aroma of tea is often added artificially, and the mixing of the leaves is not always as pure as that of loose tea. Always check the box for the description of the contents of the bag to avoid substandard teas. By comparison price / quantity, the tea bag is much more expensive, and you will be limited by the quantity purchased.

Tea in muslin sachet

The muslin tea is distinguished from tea in commercial bag by the wide mesh of the fabric used. This allows the water to seep better, and therefore a better infusion of tea leaves and of course an appreciation of the aroma and flavor close to that of loose tea. The tissue of the all-natural bag, the taste of tea leaves will not be mixed with the subtle changes resulting from the artificial products introduced into the creation of industrial bags. With the muslin sachets, you will taste the tea in bulk while having the ease of use of the tea bag.

Tea in bloom

Tea in bloom

There is also tea in bloom which is in itself a unique experience. Not only is this a new variation in terms of taste but it is a real pleasure to the eye. The flowers, edible, are individually chosen for their beauty. Then the flower, usually a lily, jasmine or carnation, is hand woven with white, black or green tea leaves. Once in the hot water, the petals begin to unfold and the flower will appear to hatch, hence its name in English "blooming tea". A real show! Above all, do not forget to use a glass or transparent teapot to avoid missing this unique scene every time!

Black tea, green tea ... do you know all types of tea?

The different types of tea

Although originally all the different teas come from the same plant, the tea plant, there is a huge variety of teas to taste.

The best known is of course green tea, but others like white tea or black tea are also unique and appreciated around the world.
T-surprise offers you the chance to try this variety wherever you are!

Our selection includes so far:

But what is the difference between these different types of teas and infusions?

The teas

The different types of tea

 White tea comes originally from China but also from other Asian countries. Tea leaves undergo the least transformation compared to other teas. Green tea undergoes slightly more oxidation during its preparation. It is generally recommended for digestive disorders as well as for the elimination of toxins.
Oolong is very popular in Asia, without bitterness, although very close in terms of black tea preparation: the more the oxidation increases, the closer it gets to the latter. Black tea, on the other hand, undergoes a complete oxidation and can therefore be kept for several years without losing flavor or freshness!
Pu'erh tea is produced from the leaves of a variety of tea plants growing in a province in southern China. This type of tea is unique in that not only can it be consumed several years after its manufacture, but the flavor due to post-fermentation improves even with time.


The different types of tea

Maté is a traditional infusion of South America but has spread especially in the Levant countries such as Syria and Lebanon. It is prepared in a special container where the leaves are carefully added until it is filled, then shaken to separate fine particles. This is after the hot water is added and the infusion begins.

The Rooibos although nicknamed red tea is also an infusion, whose leaves come from a shrub growing only in South Africa. It is usually drunk with milk and sugar and its infusion lasts about 10 minutes. Its antioxidant functions are justified to cure allergies, digestive disorders and even sleep disorders!
With regard to infusions, it is their method of preparation that distinguishes them from other types of teas. In general, the leaves are added in boiling water and left for a few minutes. The liquid is then filtered and consumed before it cools.

Ice Tea or Ice Tea

Yes, even tea can be a refreshing drink! Iced tea is, as its name implies, made of cold tea served with ice cubes. In some countries milk or sugar is added, but the most common is with mint or fruit flavored syrups.

And you, what types of teas have you ever tried? What is your favorite?

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