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Gosh! Tea facilitates weight loss!

Tea is not only touted for its (many!) Benefits to the system and your health. It is also one of the favorite suggestions of all those who are dieting to lose some weight! No, tea is not a magic drink that makes you lose a few pounds with each sip, but its slimming effects are a good addition to a diet.

The good substitute

Let's start by covering up the obvious: if in your daily life you consume a lot of soft drinks and commercial juices, it is because you consume a lot of calories and "useless" sugars. They are the first thing to cut for losing weight easily and, good news, tea is a perfect substitute! With its many variations of flavors, tea provides all the taste, without the calories!

A cup of tea to speed up your metabolism

Ah! The famous metabolism, the one that becomes slow over time and that makes the calories that were previously burning at a crazy speed now stagnate in our fat reserves. You know the phenomenon: a young student allows himself to eat pizza at every meal and ice cream for lunch and the kilos add up only slowly ... At thirty, however, guilty pleasures leave much more visible traces!
Well, this is the fault of the metabolism that carbures to idle.

Now, the polyphenol found in green tea reverses, if you will, the effects of time. It's like giving your body an elixir of health that, all of a sudden, intensifies fat oxidation rates and accelerates caloric conversion. Effortlessly, through a "cleansing system" of your metabolism, you will lose weight while eating the same foods as before. The effect is subtle, but in the long run, the results do not lie.

We remove what was said earlier: finally, there is something magical in this cup of tea!

Awake and alert: how can tea give you the anti-fatigue boost you need

A powerful ally against fatigue

Did you know that cold, wet tea bags on your eyes help to relieve fatigue in this area and reduce dark circles?

Did you also know that, in addition to this nice and enjoyable way to "recycle" his tea bags, the virtues of tea are also a favorite property of students at the end of term and workers who have difficulty staying awake in the morning, that is to say, the ability to fight fatigue? Of course, the best cure for burnout is always a good night's sleep - and this is especially true when it comes to driving long hours cautiously.

However, anyone looking for a way to lighten the fatigue and shake his brain a little mists will be happy to find an ally in his cup of tea.

Let's see: Studies show that tea consumption is associated with more productive work performance and a reduced feeling of fatigue. Other research suggests that tea has positive effects against chronic fatigue symptoms. These effects are however slightly reduced when sugar is added to the cup of tea. Normal, considering that sugar is well known to slow down our system in general, after a short burst of energy!

The ingredients behind these vitality benefits

Green tea contains several ingredients that serve as stimuli: caffeine, theanine, vitamins C ... Each of these elements plays its role to keep you alert. Note that the caffeine found in a tea is the same as that of coffee. There are, however, some differences: the concentration is more modest in a tea and the infusion method makes the invigorating effect more subtle, but prolonged in duration. As for vitamins C, they help keep your brain awake.
For even more stimulating teas, consider black tea (high in caffeine, but lower in antioxidants) and / or ginseng tea (one of the most stimulating plants listed!).

Antioxidant with tea!

The perfect source of antioxidants is in your tea bag!

With all the research done on the benefits of antioxidants, this little boost of vitality is something you will not want to miss! In the most extreme cases, it helps fight cancer, heart problems and diabetes. In everyday life, it is the aging of the cells and the cholesterol that it fights.
But did you know that your cup of tea contains ten times more antioxidants than your portion of various fruits? Not bad is not it? If we consider in addition that your infusion contains neither calorie nor sugar (unless you soften, which is allowed, of course, but not necessary), it is easy to deduce that to stock up on antioxidants, tea is the source to turn to.

Antioxidants are pumped as miracle vitamins, but how do they work?

Okay, the antioxidant works against the oxidants, the name says it, and the ads and health articles repeat to you that it's a great thing for your body. Even if you do not understand the complex mechanisms of your diet, you are still able to understand that cholesterol = bad and that antioxidants = beneficial.
However, let's investigate the subject a bit.

Everything starts in an oxygen atom that separates into radicals. Free radicals are a very reactive and unstable species - they only have one electron and, if you remember your chemistry classes, electrons like to associate to form nice couples. In order to find their missing electron, the radicals begin to attack the other cells to "steal" this allusive electron. Do you remember the melodramas of your favorite TV series? As the TV romance destroys the couples, the oxidants destroy your cells, your DNA - they also oxidize your fat cells. Nothing too pretty.

Antioxidants help stabilize these pest radicals by giving them an electron. As a result, your cells have the free field to regenerate and, without oxidation, your body stays healthy and young longer!

One tea a day: the benefits of tea on your health

Wellness Tea

The superhero out of hospitals

In scientists, the analysis of tea is much deeper. Often, there are benefits that could not have been imagined before. For example: Did you know that tea plays an important role in slowing down Alzheimer's and Parkinson's? Laboratory tests performed on mice clearly show that green tea protects cells in the brain, preventing cells attacked by the disease from dying and regenerating damaged cells. We are also beginning to identify the positive effects of tea against cancer, including that of the esophagus. And yet, we have spoken so far only of the most frightening diseases!

Because yes, tea also has lots of medicinal effects on other afflictions, such as diabetes, depression, hypertension and many heart diseases. No matter what health nightmare you want to avoid, it's a safe bet that tea can help you!

Daily Health Benefits

However, even if you do not necessarily seek to heal your health problems or arm your body against potential problems, tea has several well-being effects that are not only for prevention or relief, but for your good. be daily!

Day after day, your tea consumption will allow you to reach the "top" of your form, both by its antioxidants and by its other properties. Catechins (a form of antioxidants) boost the endurance of your muscles, while polyphenols are used to detoxify your body (with a 10x efficiency greater than fruits!).

Thanks to its other properties, tea also has a big junk of healthy effects: it reduces cortisol in your body (and therefore stress), it helps digestion, it keeps your brain alert and your immune system strong.

For a simple tea bag, it's still an impressive mandate!

Green tea and its benefits

Green tea and its benefits

Rejuvenate, age better, be healthy? These things are aspects of society right now. Many people dream of "eternal" life, or at least live as late as possible with the youngest possible body. It is not necessary to go over the operating table to rejuvenate. Traditional natural medicine is back in strength and teas will make you appreciate this way of doing things: rather than hurting your body with cosmetic surgeries, prevent aging in strength with tea!

They have antioxidants: polyphenols (the main or catechins and others a little less important). They help prevent cardiovascular disease and prevent certain cancers and other diseases caused by aging.

Green tea contains a lot of catechins (antioxidants). On the other hand, it should be known that, if you like black tea latte, the absorption of this molecule would be diminished. You will receive more, but you will get a lot less!

Black and green teas have lesser sources that will help prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer (which is a very good thing, considering that we are all in touch with someone who suffers from one or the other).

I have a tip to suggest that the benefits remain inside your tea and that it does not evaporate with the steam of boiling water: the longer the tea is infused, the more it will overflow with antioxidants. You should also know that in green tea, there are twice as many antioxidants as black.

Tea can also offer neuroprotection, meaning that when you get older, if you take 2 cups (or more, never too much) of green tea, the cognitive deterioration will be clearly lower (It will be easier for the person to orient and remember things) You have to be careful here: it's GREEN tea, not black or oolong. We can always hope that drinking eventually leads to benefits in the prevention of Alzheimer's. This hypothesis is not yet studied.

Finally, as if it were not enough, older women who drink tea every day would have better bone density (if it can help women avoid osteoporosis, that would be perfect, we talk about it so much at home. television…)

Do not forget: there are a multitude of other benefits that you can extract from tea: reduction of dental caries, help with the immune system, skin care, etc. In addition to aging more slowly and staying young, you can lose weight slowly with green tea (so a good reason to turn to this drink and learn to love it!)

So, do not hesitate to take a tea subscription that will offer you the opportunity to test several effects of tea, you will not be disappointed (e)!

The health benefits of drinking tea

For over 4000 years, drinking tea has been a commonly suggested remedy for curing some illnesses and pains. From colds and headaches to helping with digestive problems, tea can be an excellent natural cure for various ailments we suffer from in our daily lives. Here are some benefits that come from drinking tea you may not have known about:

It reduces the risk of heart attacks, strokes and Type II Diabetes

Studies have shown that daily tea drinkers have up to a 20% lower risk of getting a stroke when compared to non-drinkers. Drinking tea has been also linked with reducing the risk of heart attacks as certain compounds help lower LDL cholesterol levels.

A Type II Diabetes patient’s main problem is with insulin sensitivity that causes blood sugar levels to go up. Tea helps increase this sensitivity, thereby improving the metabolism of sugar. It is also an excellent way to help prevent Type II diabetes in the first place.

It helps your brain fight off degenerative diseases.

Drinking tea is great to keep degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or dementia at bay. Polyphenols, the chemical compounds found in your tea, will increase your concentration and focus all while stimulating the parts of your brain in charge of memory and learning.
It helps protect your body from cancer

Some studies are showing that the antioxidants available in tea, and in particular green tea, can help protect your body against a number of various cancers such as breast, lung or even prostate. Components found in tea might also help decrease the negative effects of smoking on your lungs and skin. While it’s not a cure and definitely not an excuse to keep smoking, it can increase protection against cancerous cell formation.

Your teeth and bone will thank you for it

The health benefits of drinking tea

Bone density and strength has been found to be at higher levels for people who regularly drink tea. Also, tea contains fluoride and tannins which are excellent in fighting plaque build-up, the number one cause of cavities and tooth decay.
It’s ideal for weight loss

The antioxidants found in your tea will help your body stimulate the metabolism and the fat burning process especially in the abdominal area. Regularly drinking tea can help you lose those few annoying centimeters in your waist line. Furthermore, tea is calorie-free so you can enjoy your cup without worrying about your calorie count… that is unless of course you add sugar or sweeteners. Another benefit of tea is the increased physical performance: with fat being burned into fuel for the body, energy levels will go up as well as muscle endurance.

It boosts your immune system

The health benefits of drinking tea

Wonder why a cup of tea is always recommended when you have the flu? Research has shown that tea will help your immune system fight off infections. Tea can also help reduce the effect of pollen and seasonal allergies as well as arthritis related inflammations.
It’s a great weapon in the anti-aging battle

Despite containing caffeine, tea has been linked with providing the needed elements to keep your skin hydrated. On another note, drinking tea helps fight off spikes in cortisol, the stress hormone, that also has a direct effect on your skin aging process and belly fat.

There you have it! Time to put that kettle and enjoy the many health benefits of your cup of tea!

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